Whilst getting dressed this morning it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve adapted quite easily into the non-corporate style of dress after years of ‘conforming’ to office standards. Has this made me less disciplined? Less organised? Less motivated? Absolutely not. If anything it’s just made me more comfortable during my working day.

Gone are the high heels, pencil skirts, and crisp shirts that require balance, a strict diet and lots of ironing! I’m definitely happier dressed in jeans and t-shirt for my home office, with minimal makeup and my hair thrown up (rather than subjected to the hair straighteners each morning!).

Obviously on the occasions that require me to meet with a client, potential client or attend networking events, then I revert back to the more corporate style appearance, but for the majority of my working week I’m grateful to be based at home and able to wear comfortable attire.

So anyway this morning’s realisation started me thinking about my VA wardrobe essentials, and I thought it might be fun to share and hopefully find out if it differs from your wardrobe essentials.

My ‘work wardrobe’ contains:

  • A couple of pairs of comfortable worn jeans
  • Multiple t-shirts and vest tops
  • Jumper / cardigans
  • Smart trousers and a smart skirt
  • White shirts (that go with everything!)
  • A smart jacket
  • Slippers (for mornings), ballet pumps (for daytime), kitten heels (for good-weather meetings) & boots (for bad-weather meetings)
  • Winter coat
  • Umbrella
  • Laptop bag

So what about you? Do you sit around in your trackie bums until lunch time whilst sorting through your emails, organising your work for the day, catching up with social media and listening to your voicemail messages? Or do you prefer to get into ‘work-mode’ by dressing as if you’re headed out to a client meeting or into a city office; even if in reality you’re just walking down the stairs to your computer?

Go on, tell us, what’s in your closet?!