I’ve been a bit frustrated recently.

Frustrated, because on the one hand I’ve been hearing from business owners who want to keep their spend “as low as possible” and haggling over rates, whilst – of course – receiving “first class, high level support”.

And frustrated with VA’s who are pricing themselves low to ‘win’ these clients.

And the ironic thing is, most of us price our services based on what other VA’s have priced theirs at.

But who’s to say they’ve got their pricing right?

And why would you even price it based on someone else’s rates?

They’re not you. They can’t offer what you offer. They don’t have your experience, personality, skills …

Does Jaguar look at Ford’s prices and think they must price-match?


So why do we?


  • Fear of being over-ambitious
  • Fear of pricing ourselves out of the market
  • Fear of not having any clients, not being able to pay the bills, and having to go back to a ‘regular’ job with our tails between our legs

But what if we all just stopped being scared and priced ourselves according to our worth?


Well, except that we’d be a lot happier in our roles, not to mention pockets!

You see the thing is, that currently there seems to be a divide between our worth and what we’re charging.

Dan Kennedy – a marketing and positioning genius – explains it best: “Understand that everybody else has arrived at their price decisions through the same foolish process as you might now. It’s price incest, which works like regular incest; over time, everybody gets dumber.

Also, there’s ‘price’, then there’s ‘presentation of price’, meaning structuring what you sell, how you package it, how you deliver it differently than everybody else, so you can price it differently, with direct comparison impossible.”

Remember, you’re not the hired help.

You’re a skilled expert in your field offering value to your client’s business.

But by valuing yourself as ‘the hired help’ – by following everyone else and pricing yourself on (or even below) the industry ‘norm’ – you’re bowing down to the clients who are looking at price before quality.

By forgetting what other VA’s are doing and instead concentrating on your business, you’re much more likely to succeed. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll be happier doing what you do.

You’ll feel more confident in your offering and fulfilled in your job.

And your client relationships will benefit.

You won’t be servicing 20 clients to try to make ends meet. Instead you’ll have a select few clients, where you can schedule work allowing enough time to ensure it lives up to the standard you set.

That’s how your clients benefit.

They know you’ll deliver what you promise , when you promise, and exactly to brief. Perhaps even above brief, as you’ll know what extras they need before they do.

All because you’ve taken on quality clients who know and value your worth, affording you the time and inclination to go above and beyond.

Yes, it may take a little longer to secure these types of clients, but that’s in part because you’ll be pickier in your search. But once you’ve got them and proven your worth, those clients won’t dream of going anywhere else.

Quality always trumps the numbers.

Now, take a look at your positioning.

Are you focusing on the value you bring to your clients, not the rates you’re charging?

Make it clear that there’s only one you. You’re the only one who can do what you do, in the exact way you do it.

Value yourself. Give your clients brilliant results exceeding their expectations, and they’ll value you.

Who is it you want as a client? What do they need? What are their pain-points?

Then demonstrate how you can solve them.

So, what are you worth?


PS If you want help realising your worth, and where to begin with creating your pricing strategy, make sure you take a look at The Perfect Pricing Formula, our workbook that will guide you through from what you need to earn to recognising your value to a client.