Video ContentWe’re all very aware that content marketing is becoming more and more important in 2013 – the way to achieve better brand awareness, build authority, grow a client base, increase sales / revenue and rank your website higher in search engines.

Not only that, but Cisco Systems estimates that 90% of web traffic will be driven by video content by the end of 2013.

So if you haven’t started using video content yet, now is probably the time to start looking into it as an alternative or additional method to the widely used traditional marketing methods.

It has a few distinct advantages over traditional written content, which are:

1. Multiple Media Opportunities

As you know written content can only really get submitted to your own website, social media channels and perhaps one other authority blog. Rarely will other blogs / online publications post something that’s already been used elsewhere. And given the whole point of content marketing is for as many people to see it as possible, this can be slightly restricting.

Whereas with video , the whole objective is to get it ‘out there’ and be shared as much as possible. So it can be posted to:

  • Your website
  • YouTube
  • Other video aggregators using TubeMogul (e.g. Veoh, Blip, Metacafe,etc)
  • An embedded video link onto your Facebook page
  • Shared onto other’s Facebook pages
  • Shared onto other’s websites
  • iTunes as a video podcast

And all of that from just one video!

2. Stronger Personality

With written content it can be difficult to allow your personality to shine through, unless you’re already an excellent writer. Parts of it are likely to shine, but essentially they’re just words on paper (or screen) and can be taken any way the reader wants.

Video content on the other hand can absolutely show your personality, your traits, and your mannerisms – this may put some people off (!) but with most will start to create a trust and likability factor which is increasingly important when building strong  relationships.

For some I can appreciate this method is perhaps slightly daunting, but don’t worry it needn’t be. It’s not essential to sit and speak to a camera throughout the entire piece, it’s just recommended for part of the broadcast. People like doing business with real people. So if you’re demonstrating something or explaining something through video, not only will that make you more authoritative, but bring a human element to what can often be just another piece of information.

3. Increased Stand Out

Use video content to help your business stand out from the competition. Whilst video is becoming more popular it’s still not mainstream, so use that to your advantage and get started now to create that ‘wow’ factor to attract and win new business.

4. Communicate More Information, More Easily

Whether it’s because you want to increase your client base and are therefore using video content as a marketing tool. Or you want to provide a tutorial to demonstrate your authority in a certain field, a good video will do that quickly and more effectively than writing a sales page or instructions for your website.

So what’s the next step if you want to start using video content?

Get yourself some video editing software (if you haven’t got some already). There are plenty to choose from dependent on your specific needs, both free and paid for versions.

For me I haven’t found the need to upgrade to paid software as yet, so I use a camera and edit with Windows 7 free video editing software – Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker – which I find easy and intuitive. And until I start doing more indepth or substantial videos, right now I don’t feel I need to change.

But that may not be enough for others. So I’ve found some review websites that provide a range of options to help you choose the best for your needs:

Professional Video Editing Software 2013

Video Editing Software Reviews 2013

Free Video Editing Software

Please leave a comment if you already create video content and / or use any video editing software, to tell us what you use it for and how it’s worked for your business.