At a time when social media is king, and when it’s so easy to store your photos on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, it makes complete sense that you should now be able to upload images directly from your social accounts for use in your Microsoft Office documents.

I love this feature in particular, because for a couple of years now I have always tried to use my own images in my various marketing material, blogs and social media posts. With a modern smartphone it’s so easy to stop and snap random things you see as you go about your daily life; a pretty tree, a set of traffic lights, a busy high street… I find that in no time my image library is capable of fulfilling pretty much all of my imaging needs, and I never have to worry about copyright troubles or buying stock photos again.

One issue I used to have was that getting the images from my phone to my documents isn’t all that streamlined, so finding out that I can now connect my social accounts with Office 2013 and use the pictures in my files is great! I think this is a hugely handy feature for any other business owner too.

So here’s how we do it. These instructions are for Microsoft Word 2013 but will also work in most other Office 2013 programs.

From the main menu select Insert > Illustrations group > Online Pictures


You’ll then see another screen showing all of the possible places that you can insert photos from. If this is the first time you have  used Facebook or Flickr, you’ll first be prompted to connect you account. Select the Facebook icon at the bottom of the screen to proceed with connecting your account.


Acknowledge the connection on the next screen and click ‘Connect’


Follow the connection wizard and enter your Facebook username and password when prompted then click ‘Login’. You may then see a security notice which you need to accept.


After successfully logging in, you will see the notice below, click Done to return back to your Office document.


You’ll then see that your Facebook account is connected and that you can select it, click into the account to view all of your images and select one to insert into your document.

From this point forward, the insertion works just like adding any normal image in Microsoft Office.

Simply browse to the image you want to use, then click to select it and click ‘Insert’.