This is a nifty trick that I have learnt recently when helping a friend with their invitations to their parents Ruby wedding anniversary.

It was so good I thought I should share it with you as it can be used for a range of invitations or forms.

1. Open Publisher.

2. Design and create one singular invitation, I have created a simple one just for this, but you can take more time on yours.

1 (3)
3. You will also need an excel file with headings of Name, Address 1, Address 2 and Postcode along the top.

4. Once you have these titles you then need to fill your document with the names of the people you want to invite.

3 (2)5. Go back into Publisher and select ‘Mailings’.


6. Click ‘Select Recipients’ then ‘Use existing list’.


7. Locate the list that you created in Excel.


8. On the box that pops up select ‘OK’.


9. You will then see the list that you have created pop up on screen and as we want to send it to all of them you click ‘OK’ again.


10. Click ‘Insert Merge Field’ and select ‘Name’.


11. You can then put this merge field in place of the name box. Make sure the size and font of the letters is the same as the rest of your invitation.


12. You then need to add in the name, address 1, address 2 and postcode fields on your invitation. To do this you can simply select Mailing > Address Block.


13. The below will pop up and you can select OK.


14. Finally click ‘Finish and Merge’ in the top bar and then ‘Send to Printer’. Before printing you can select the size of paper so you can fit more than one invitation on each page.


15. To do this you need to select multiple pages per sheet on the ‘envelope’ selection box.



Hopefully this will help you with invitations to your events in the future and saves the hassle of having to handwrite names onto template invitations! It’ll help with professional invitations and this trick makes it easy to send these to an unlimited list of contacts.

If you have found this walk through useful please feel free to leave a message below.