If you need to save your PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF, perhaps in order to deliver it to a printer or to make available for people to download from your website, then there are a couple of ways to do it. Here’s how:

1. Save As PDF

Once you presentation is finished and ready to go, you can easily save it as a PDF using the built in functions of PowerPoint 2007 and later. This method will save your entire presentation as a PDF with one full size slide per page.

  • Simply click the File tab > Save As
    You will then see the Save As dialog box


  • Choose the location to save your document
  • In ‘file name‘ give your file a name (as you would when saving any document)
  • Then in the box underneath ‘file name’ you will see a drop down box called ‘save as type‘ from here select click PDF (*.pdf).SavePDF2
  • If you click the grey ‘options‘ button you will see a seperate options box and from here you can specify which pages to include in your PDF, whether markups should be included and choose the type of outputSavePDF3
  • Click OK and your PDF will be created. If you have chosen to open it after saving then your PDF will be displayed after a couple of seconds.


1. If you want to view the PDF after saving, you can tick the checkbox on the right hand side that says “Open file after publishing”

2. By default the PDF will be saved in standard quality which is good for viewing online and printing, however, if the PDF is for online use only, you have the option to choose ‘miniumum size’ this reduces the quality of the document and therefore reduces filesize, so is useful for emailing or uploading to a website

2. Print as PDF

If you have a PDF printer on your computer then this is an easy alternative to saving as a PDF – although you will get slightly different results than using the ‘save as’ option (it will look as if the slides have been printed onto a page rather than filling the whole screen).

Some computers now have PDF printers installed as standard, and most modern printers throw in this software with their print driver too. If you don’t have a PDF printer installed, then you can download some very good software online. One that I use is ‘CutePDF’ (you can search for it online quite easily!)

To print your presentation to PDF you need to:

  • Click file > print
  • You will then see the print options page with various settings to choose fromPrintPDF2
  • Select the number of copies, which in this case is likely to be 1
  • Under ‘printer’ click the drop down arrow and you will see a list of available printers. Select the PDF printer you wish to usePrintPDF2
  • Set your other print options as usual – you can choose how many slides to print per page, whether to print all slides or just selected ones and set the page orientation etc.
  • If you want to add a header and footer to your document click the link titled ‘edit header and footer‘. This will open the handouts dialog box where you can set options for your header and footer


  • When you are done click ‘print’ and that’s all there is to it!