holidaysAlmost time for holidays and I for one can’t wait to go in search of some sunshine. Whilst we all hope that our holidays will be nothing more than relaxation and happy times it’s always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency. With more than 50% of UK consumers now having smartphones; the holiday check-list should be a bit easier.

We were on a Greek island a few years ago when my husband was rushed to hospital with Appendicitis. This involved him being ferried off the island to the mainland and I was left alone with my, at the time, 5 year old son to work out what to do and sort out the insurance so he could be treated. Although I had the number to hand, what I realised I didn’t have was our E111’s. At the time these were large pieces of paper rather than the cards we have now. Luckily our insurance company were absolutely superb at sorting out and faxing copies  to our hotel but it made me realise how you should never assume you’re not going to need some help, even when you’re fit and healthy the rest of the time.

By using the camera facility on your smartphone you can image passports, tickets, insurance documentation and EU health cards before travel. If these documents are subsequently lost or stolen then using these images can help rectify a situation promptly. Of course, don’t forget the backup copies in case it’s your smartphone that gets lost!

If you have the misfortune to get involved in a  accident involving a motor vehicle, we’ve also just seen the free iAccident App which will guide you through the relevant information required.

Roland Maguire of iAccident says: “Any accident is stressful, but in a foreign country it can be difficult to focus on what is required.  The iAccident App is invaluable in these situations as it is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-follow, recording all the information required to protect you and your family.”

For those of you travelling to Europe the EU has released the European Health Insurance Card App with emergency numbers, details of treatment costs and how to claim reimbursement for each of the countries.

Of course, nobody hopes to have to use any of these services, but they are developed to offer the user protection and peace of mind, wherever you are.

Prepare for your journey now and download:


European Health Insurance Card: