App Icons on Smart PhoneWe asked you what business apps you use on your phone and that you can’t live without. Here we list your top five business phone apps for virtual assistants.

1. Evernote

“I can collate web pages that I come across and keep a note of articles all in one place – and it syncs with my phone, my laptop and my tablet.”

Evernote enables you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice notes and make them completely searchable, including searching for text inside images. If you download Evernote to all your computers and devices you can stay organized across all of them, improving productivity no end.

Evernote is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry


2. Skype

“It enables me to stay in contact with my clients at any time – whether I’m in my office, or on the road.”

The Skype mobile app offers free face to face video calls and instant messaging over 3G and WiFi, with low cost calls and text messages to other mobiles and landlines. You can send videos and photos and there additional Skype apps such as GroupMe which allows group messaging and sharing and Skype WiFi that allows you to use Skype credits to join a WiFi hotspot and pay only for the time you use.

Skype is available for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and Blackberry


3. Hootsuite

“I can do so much with my various social media channels and for each of my clients whether on the road or in the office. I can even access basic reporting. The flexibility makes it invaluable.”

Manage all your social networks using one dashboard. Send and schedule Tweets, post Facebook updates, connect with clients on LinkedIn and target your messages to your Google+ circles. The app allows you to translate messages in to over 50 languages if that’s something you need whilst on the move – and you can also shorten web addresses with within the app.

Hootsuite is available for iPhone, iPad and Android


4. Dropbox

“I use it to sync my files across all my computers and collaborate with clients across the world. I literally couldn’t do my job without it”

Access all your files, of all types, when you’re on the go using the Dropbox app. You can open and edit your files. You can favourite files for easy viewing offline, upload photos and videos to your dropbox account and share your files easily with clients and colleagues. If anything happens to your phone then you can be sure all your files will be safe on dropbox online.

You get 2Gb of space free when you sign up, with extra space given as your colleagues sign up. Paid accounts are available from $9.99 a month. You might also want to take advantage of the “Packrat” service whereby deleted files can be restored forever

Dropbox is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry and Kindle Fire. There’s also a mobile version of the dropbox website


5, Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

“I’ve tried lots of expense/time trackers and this one when combined with the website, is the slickest”

The Harvest app allows you to track time and expenses for client projects whilst you’re on the go, syncing immediately with your main Harvest account when you’re online. You can photograph receipts and upload them alongside expense entries then nothing’s forgotten in your invoicing. Having the time tracker on your mobile means you can ensure your whole day is accounted for at a glance and conveniently start and stop timers whilst you’re working, even when you’re away from your desk.

The online application allows you to convert your time entries in to invoices with a small number of clicks and allows clients to make online payments using PayPal or Stripe. Invoices created also transfer easily to Xero or Quickbooks accounts software. There are also other integrations to project management software such as TeamworkPM and Basecamp and a time tracker that can be used in the Chrome browser.

Harvest is available for iPhone and Android


Have we included your favourite app? Leave us a comment below if you have another to share.