Ever thought about how much time you waste saving files in the wrong place?

For most computers and programs, the default save location is set to ‘My Documents’, which is a useful place to save files! However, sometimes when using Microsoft Office for business, it might be necessary to save your files in a different location, perhaps a shared folder, or on a server so that the files can be accessed by your clients or colleagues.

Where this is the case, you may mind yourself wasting lots of time navigating through large drives to get to the desired location to save or open your document. Sure, it’s only a minute here, and then a minute there, but when you are carrying out this process a few times a day, the time soon adds up! If you spend just 5 minutes per day navigating your computer, that 25 minutes per week and potentially up to 2 hours per month! Now surely you could find something better to do with that time?

One way around this is to set the default file save location to the place where you want to save your files (or the majority of your files). You’ll then know that all of your future documents will be stored in the right place. You can do this in all of your Microsoft Office applications, but here’s how to do it in Mcrosoft Word 2007 or 2010

Save yourself time by setting a default save location for your documents in Word and Excel

To set the default file save location in Microsoft Word 2007 or Word 2010 do the following:

  • Click the Office button (2007) or ‘file’ button (2010)
  • Select ‘advanced’ (2007) or ‘options’ > ‘advanced’ (2010)


  • Under the ‘General’ section select ‘File Locations’


  • You’ll then see a window with a list of various file types, select the type of file you want to change the settings for and click ‘Modify’

  • Navigate to the new location for your files
  • Click ‘OK’

Thats all there is to it. The next time you go to save a document it will be saved by default into the new location.