Online CalendarThere are many different types of cloud solutions out there to make life easier for Virtual Assistants, entrepreneurs, small business owners and sole traders, and they’re growing by the day in this virtual world. So today I’m going to concentrate on what probably is the most useful and yet simplest one of all – online calendars.

With many online calendars to choose from (Google, Yahoo, iCloud, Cozi, Zoho to name just a few) it’s really a case of picking your favourite. Mine is Google Calendars, simply because I use Google Drive for my file storage, Google Docs for creating and sharing spreadsheets, Google Mail as one of my many email accounts and Google Plus for more social interaction. Sign up to Google Workspace here. Use code N4U4EEAH7QAHXQD to get 10% off their standard plan

So why use an online calendar?

Share calendars with your clients: It’s a great and easy way for managing workload, appointments and deadlines, and it overcomes any unnecessary toing and froing via email saving time and making you more productive.

Access your calendar from anywhere and any machine: Doesn’t matter if you don’t have your laptop with you, simply log in from another machine or your smart phone to check and manage your appointments.

Create more than one calendar: If you run several businesses, or have several clients, this is a fab tool that allows you to create a calendar for each one, even colour code them for ease of use, and manage them on an independent basis.

Set reminders for yourself to your mobile device: This is the big plus of an online calendar – you can get a text or email reminder for an upcoming important meeting so you’ll never forget or miss it!

Set appointments with RSVP’s: When you invite multiple people to a meeting, you can ask for a response to ensure all parties can attend.

Set recurring meetings or appointments: Set the time and date once, and then simply choose when you want it to recur – nothing to it!

Sync it with your own desktop application i.e. Outlook: Since many of us will be using Outlook when in the office, you may be thinking what is the point of 2+ calendars – surely this is going to make even  more work to update. Wrong! You can sync your Google calendar to Outlook each day but this does vary depending on the online calendar chosen so if you specifically want this functionality, you’ll need to double check before registering for one.

Some offer an off-line read only view: Again this is certainly the case with Google when even if there’s no wifi, you won’t miss an appointment!

They’re free!

So what you are waiting for – just another solution to help manage your work and your clients work more easily.