I don’t need to tell you how times have changed over the years. Look at us! We’re Virtual Assistants – which certainly wasn’t a profession 20 years ago.

When you were at school did you think that technology would be so advanced it really didn’t matter where you lived, you could still collaborate with people on the other side of the world? How about even 10 years ago, did you consider how much cloud solutions would play a part in your everyday work-life? Could you imagine being able to store all your data and files securely online? I don’t know about you, but when I think of how advanced technology is in this day and age, it truly amazes me. Thinking about how much it has moved on over the years, shaping both our business and personal world, along with all the opportunities it has opened up for us, well it’s really quite remarkable.

Being a Virtual Assistant we rely on technological advancements to be able to offer more and more services, solutions and ideas to our clients. We need to be able to work remotely with people based in different locations, and at the same time offer them a safe, secure service.

The ongoing achievements of these innovators has got big businesses, Virgin Media Business and The Future Laboratory, looking into just how far technology will take us by 2025.

Managing Director of Virgin Media Business, Mark Heraghty says “We’re giving Britain a picture of the future where barriers to innovation and change have been well and truly broken down and the way we work, rest and play has been revolutionised. From homes that can monitor your health, energy consumption and whether you have enough milk in the fridge through to technology under the skin which will record and play back experiences so you can feel them again, the world in 2025 will be more empowering and connected than ever before. What’s more, the infrastructure to enable the rapid transmission of that data will be vital but invisible.”

What are your thoughts on these advancements? Do you think it’s a good thing, or do you feel a little nervous by how fast these changes are happening? And where it might leave you?

I’m in two minds. As I alluded to earlier, I’m delighted to have been born into an era where I’m able to live and work wherever I chose, internet connection permitting. But if technology continues to move at the speed it is, will there come a time when our jobs will be obsolete? Will avatars be taking over the world catering to all the needs of small business owners?

I’ll leave you with that thought, but if you’re keen to find out more about these studies click here.