Capsule CRM is a web-based system that enables users to effectively manage their interaction with all contacts. Very capable and highly functional as a customer relationship management system, it is also brilliantly designed to be a hub for all business relationships including leads, suppliers, associates, competitors, resources and more.

The key features of Capsule CRM include the ability to:
• Save all of your professional contacts to one location
• Use tags to categorize your contacts
• Share contacts with co-workers and others that need to see them
• Add notes about meetings or conversations to the contact
• Attach documents, proposals, agreements and other types of files

The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. Users can get started with a free account, and can be up and running within just a few minutes. The design is clean and professional, and the user interface is versatile and intuitive. There are options available throughout the system for personalising the experience too, from changing the colour scheme and adding a company logo – through to creating custom tags and fields.

The quick-view focus on client accounts eliminates the frustrations of having to search through multiple files and folders for key pieces of information. The customisable tags enable quick an easy sorting and categorisation of contacts. Cleverly designed to take care of the complete pipeline process, it is simple and straightforward to create and manage new enquiries and potential leads, monitoring progress, managing tasks that need to be completed – including assignment to colleagues or team members, creating proposals, receiving feedback and ultimately closing the deal.

As with most other CRM applications, Capsule also includes a wealth of collaborative to-do list tools and calendar features, making it a breeze for co-workers to communicate and work effectively as a team. As a business owner it also gives you the confidence that you can be aware of everything that is going on and can maintain control over the activities.

Not only does Capsule hold all this information and make it available to access online as an when you need, there is also an excellent reporting function enabling the creation of special reports based on any number of user-defined parameters.

Capsule has been designed to make the business of contact management as simple. In order to achieve this they have also included integration with numerous other systems, including the ability to import contacts from a wide range of mail clients, and synchronise emails and other items with client accounts.

Some things to love about capsule:
• Automatic reminder notices mean you’ll never forget to follow up with a client (or any other contact)
• Email integration enables the synchronisation of emails with contact accounts – keeping all electronic communication stored right alongside the contact record
• Google Apps integration enables Capsule to be accessed through Google
• Your contact management activities are cleverly linked to specific clients or suppliers so you can feel confident that you are not missing important actions
• Your important information is stored securely – only accessible to anyone you grant access – and is backed up in multiple locations ensuring it will never be lost.

If you want to stay organised and have the best chance of ensuring you are not missing out on potentially lucrative business opportunities, whilst also having the flexibility to access your information from multiple computers and locations, sharing access with co-workers who may or may not be based alongside you – Capsule is a superb system that is worthy of your careful consideration.

Trudy Spikesman – MD Crazy Days Ltd