Remember that moment you decided to become a Virtual Assistant?

You probably had a vision of how you wanted the job to be.

Working for yourself. Having more freedom. Variety. A better work-life balance. Spending more time with the kids.

Whatever it was for you, are you there?

Do you have it all?

Or have you reached a plateau? Feeling a bit stuck but not too sure how to get out of it.

Perhaps you’re no longer satisfied with what you’ve got – the clients, the tasks, the hours – but not sure what you do want any longer.

Perhaps it’s impacting on other aspects of your life – your relationship, kids and friendships.

These feelings are common. And for home workers they can be even more troublesome because we think we’re living the life we were striving for, when suddenly we realise we’re not. But we have no colleagues or boss to talk to about it, and often friends and family can’t understand or help.

So many of us ignore them, or attempt to cover them up by jumping into something entirely different, only to realise a few months later that we’re feeling the same as we did before.

The solution?

Stop switching direction without spending time investigating what the cause is. Forget about work. Forget about clients. Forget about tasks.

And focus on yourself.

It’s the only way you’ll truly get out of that rut, for good.

So if you’re feeling underwhelmed or frustrated with work right now, or anything else for that matter, here are three steps that can help.

1. You can change your circumstances whenever you want.

Yes! You can change whenever you want, the thing is, we’re often held back by our inner demons.

Feelings of not being good enough, not experienced enough, not smart enough to change. Or perhaps it’s because of friends or family that we don’t do something out of fear that they’ll not approve. Or it could be you’re worried about the financial security of change.

But you know what? Nine times out of ten, these are fears we put in the way voluntarily as obstacles. Procrastination. A reason why you can’t do it. When the reality is, you probably can regardless of any one of those fears.

So the best way to combat this is to start small.

If you’re thinking of a switch in client-type, or to offer a different service, start small. Don’t think of the end goal, think of the first step to get you on that journey. Then the next. And the next. And so on.

Baby steps are far less daunting, and are much more likely to get you reaching your objective.

2. Know that nothing’s perfect.

Remember when you were working an office job dreaming of being a VA and working from home? The reality of it is probably a lot different huh?

Once you accept that, you won’t be disappointed by the outcome.

If you’re deciding to make a change into something new, try talking to people already in that industry or field first.

Find out what the pros and cons are. Don’t go into it with rose-tinted glasses. Do your research.

Then when you do make the change, you’re already aware of all the negatives that they’re less likely to make your despondent.

3. You can’t change you.

The hardest step to analyse, but the most important of all.

Is the change you’re really seeking a change from within? If so, nothing will work – not a change in career, relationship, circumstances or anything else.

Instead, look within.

Listen to how you talk to yourself. Are you beating yourself up with every client task, thinking you’ve not done a good enough job? Are you feeling guilty for not having a full client-base yet?

Then imagine if that was a friend or family member. How would you speak to them? What words of comfort or wisdom would you offer?

Then say those same words to yourself.

The less you berate yourself and the more you self-praise, the easier it’ll be to accept things as they are. And any change you do make, will be an added bonus rather than out of a feeling of necessity.

And finally, if you are stuck in a rut that’s getting you down, remember there’s a network of VA’s right here. We’ve probably all gone through the same feeling at one time or another. So don’t go through it alone. Reach out and seek advice to help reach your own solution.