Top Tips for Twitter UsersAs Virtual Assistants one of the top things we seek out are the best time saving tips and tricks to help us work more efficiently for our clients.

If you undertake a lot of social media for your clients then you’ll know how easy it is for your time to be sucked away, trawling through timelines trying to pick out the interesting and relevant information for your industry, business or sector. You don’t need me to tell you that this is not an effective use of your time.

So here are some great little tricks I’ve stumbled upon for Twitter users that should save you time as well as help you find key information much more easily.

1. Remove RT’s from results.

This is great if you want to get results for a certain topic without duplication. Simply add –RT after your search and any re-tweets will be removed from the results.


2. Display location-based results.

To display results for tweets that are specific to a certain location, type the place and radius of your search in the search facility i.e. London within:3mi

Location based results

3. Only display tweets that contain links.

For your results to show only tweets that contain links, filtering out all the tweets without links, add the following to your search criteria – filter:links

Filter links

4. Display only user specific Tweets

To display tweets from a specific user in your results add from:username to your search phrase. For example if I wanted to display only my tweets, I’d type in from:sarahannebegley to the search box.

Username results

5. Display results of questions or emotions.

If you’re looking for emotion or questions on Twitter there’s a great little trick to displaying those in your results. Add one of the following to the end of your search phrase and hit ‘Search’:

  • 🙂
  • 🙁
  • ?

NB: Add a space after your search phrase before the relevant icon for the results to display correctly.

 Emotive responses

6. Search for tweets within time periods.

To display results that are date relevant, there are two options. The first option is to display all tweets up until a certain date, the other is to display all tweets from a certain date.

  • Type your search phrase followed by since:date to display tweets from a certain date.
  • Type your search phrase followed by until:date to display tweets up until a certain date.

NB: Remember to us the American date sequence YEAR/MONTH/DATE

Date specific

7. Save searches.

If you carry out the same activity for your clients (or yourself) regularly on Twitter, a great time-saving tip is to save your searches. Now I realise this sounds fairly obvious and perhaps you are using it already, but I’ve only just stumbled upon it and wish I’d found it much sooner!

Save search

8. Advanced Search.

For those of you who don’t want to have to remember all the above mentioned tricks, there is one solution that will work for you and still save you time. The Advanced Search functionality that Twitter already provides.

Simply type in your search criteria and hit the ‘Search’ button. This can also be saved, so set up as many as you like for easier Twitter management!

Advanced search