Need to convert a video fileRecently I’ve been working on more and more video content tasks for clients. What with YouTube being the number 2 search engine on the web in terms of query volume, it makes business sense that owners want to make the most of its reach potential by creating useful content relating to their product or service for viewers in the hope that they’ll watch and share.

However when videos are upwards of 1-2 minutes the files sizes become rather large, making the upload process laborious to say the least!

So in my quest for time-saving tools, I’ve tried and tested a few different software programmes, all of them free, to find out which works best.

My criteria:

  • File reduction capabilities
  • Formatting capabilities for different devices
  • Limited adware repercussions

Based on the 4 I’ve tried so far, here are my results:

1. Freemake Video Converter.

Really simple to use; can convert into pretty much any file size for any device you need; and has the ability to reduce file sizes to suit your needs – just set the limit you want and let it do the work.

2. IWIsoft Free Video Converter.

Again, very simple to use; a wide range of file conversion options depending on the output device; and the ability to reduce file size, crop, add subtitles etc. The only downside is that it automatically launches your browser for an upgrade check and displays a web page. However you can easily shut it down to continue with your file conversion.

3. Format Factory.

Another easy to use programme that offers a good range of file formatting options (although not as many as the above two). It also allows you to reduce file sizes as well as some other quite handy features (video rotation, zoom and adding tags). But the irritation with this programme is that it installs a toolbar to your machine by default if you don’t remember (or notice) to untick the relevant box before proceeding.

4. Windows Movie Maker.

Very likely this programme is already installed on your machine, simply go into your Start menu, type in Movie Maker and see if it appears. If so you’re already good to go! If not, you can download it for free and get started. It’s has more limitations than the above options, but if you’re just after a simple video editor to adjust file size or add some simple effects, then this will do the job perfectly.

Of course there are other software programmes available, both free and paid options, and in my quest for the best to help save-time I’m still searching. So if you’re using one that you rate highly, as ever we’re appreciate your feedback below.