Signal Boost

The concept of working where you want when you want is great, but the reality is far from great. If you live or work in the countryside, or even in some urban areas, you can suffer with little or no mobile coverage resulting in missed calls and emails.

A recent survey by the BBC has shown that the 3G mobile coverage in the UK is not as comprehensive as your provider might suggest . However, the internet can come to the rescue and fill in the gaps left by the mobile operators. There are several technologies that exist to allow you to remain in contact with your customers when you are in mobile NotSpots. Vodafone have a service called SureSignal. This is a small box of tricks that plugs into your broadband router and allows you to provide 3G mobile coverage to Vodafone users who use the office or home.

It is an ideal product for a small office where the occupants are Vodafone customers. Some may baulk at paying the £50 fee to provide mobile coverage, but it does the trick, although you do have to manage the list of who can use each individual unit.

Alternatively you can you the Signal Boost service from Orange.

This simple service allows any Orange customer with a Blackberry or one of thehtc_desire_s newer Android Smartphones to use any WiFi access point, with direct connection to the internet, to connect to the Orange network.

Signal Boost can be used in any home or office that you visit; you just need to pair your phone up with the WiFi network and you’ve got coverage. (See how it works on this video). Both services have the distinct advantage over Skype or other instant messaging tools that you can still be contacted through your recognized mobile number, receive your emails and access the internet, but Signal Boost allows you to have increased coverage wherever you have access to WiFi without the need for extra, costly equipment.

Richard Sparkes is an expert in mobile communications technology