No, I’m not going to tell you to post any memes, cat pictures or play Pet Rescue Saga. What I want to know is whether you’re doing what you can today to increase your organic traffic from Facebook and to ready yourself for marketing to your prospects in future.

1. Have you optimised the cover picture on your business page?

There’s little bits of real estate on your Facebook business pages that are often overlooked, even by some of the biggest companies. I’m talking about the cover photograph and also your profile picture.

I’m sure the cover and profile pictures on your page are beautiful and that you spent a lot of time choosing the perfect colours and image. What happens if a visitor clicks on them? It’s often the first thing that someone visiting your page will do and if you post a new cover picture, people will see it in their feeds.

This is the cover photograph for Debenhams. They have over 300,000 likes. If we click on the cover photo what do we see. Other than that over 100 people have liked the photo and commented on it, there’s absolutely nothing on the right hand side other than the date the photo was added 3 days ago.


So, what are Debenhams missing?

Let’s have a look at the VA Pro Magazine Cover Picture. We don’t have quite so many visitors as Debenhams, but if someone clicks on the header then to the top right, you’ll find some more information about us and a link to our website. Even this could be improved upon; you could use a unique url so that you know how many people have followed this link to your website, you could even have an incentive to click on your cover picture by placing a call to action (Not too much text, otherwise Facebook will object).


This is the first thing you should do today – Add some information to your picture to tell your visitors more about your company and what you can offer, and send them somewhere on your own website.

Then, go back and do exactly the same thing with your profile picture

2. Have you added the Facebook custom audience pixel to your website?

Something that my clients tell me quite often when we discuss their social media strategy is that their clients aren’t on Facebook. You may think this is true for you, but do you really know? There’s one way you can find out and that’s by adding Facebook’s custom audience pixel to your website.

Building an audience in this way will allow you to market to them in future, but even if you’re not planning to advertise in this way immediately you really should start to build up this information now, right away, so it’s ready when you do want to use it.

From your home page click on Ads Manager then on Audiences.

On the top right of the page you’ll see a green Create Audience button. Click this and select Custom Audience then choose Website Traffic


Another box will be shown to you where you can choose from a drop down list of options. For this exercise choose Anyone who visits your website. You can also choose a time period and the maximum time you can select is 180 days. Give your audience a name, such as My Website Visitors then click Create Audience


When you’ve done this you’ll be shown some code (the Pixel). If you’re not shown it right away click next to your new Audience name in the list then under Actions, View Pixel


This code needs to be added to the header of your website. If you have a WordPress site then depending on the theme you’ve got installed there may be a special area to paste code to the header. There are also plugins such as Code Insert that will help you. If you’re a bit more confident then you can go to Appearance, Editor, find your header.php file and add the code in there before the closing </head> tag

Once you’ve done this Facebook will start to collect visitors to your website that also use Facebook. Once you have 20 or more you’ll be able to start advertising specifically to those people if you want to.

So don’t wait, do these things on Facebook today and they’ll get to work for you.