Making a page landscape in a portrait Word documentWhen formatting a guide, report or e-book, perhaps if you have a formatted table, or some images, then sometimes the content would look much better on a page that is set to be landscape instead of portrait. But you don’t really want to make the whole document landscape – so how can this be achieved?

In Microsoft Word, it’s quite easy to do, and here’s how…

  1. Highlight the pages or text which you want to change the orientation ofRotate_Page1
  2. From the ribbon select  Page Layout tab > Page Setup group > Page Setup Dialog Box (the small icon in the corner of this group)Rotate_Page2
  3. You’ll then see the Page Setup dialog box
  4. Here, under ‘Orientation’, click your selection (Portrait or Landscape)
  5. Next, from the ‘Apply to’ box choose Selected text.
  6. Click OKRotate_Page3

Now you will see that your selected text has been moved to a new page and the orientation changed, whilst the other pages remain as normal. Easy, hey!!


Note: the way this works is that Word will automatically add a section break before and after your selected text in order to change the orientation for just part of your document.

An alternative method to the way described above would be to add a section break to the areas that you wish to change, click into that section and change the orientation in the usual way by going to page layout > orientation