Following on from our article in the previous edition about keyboard shortcuts for Windows, we’ve had a few requests to provide a similar article for the ‘enlightened’ Mac users amongst you! We’ll save the ‘enlightened’ argument for another day ūüôā but happy to oblige with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS. So here they are…

If you are not used to using keyboard shortcuts, here are a few tips:

  • Most involve pressing a holding a ‘modifier’ key e.g.¬†Command or¬†Option following by a short press and release of the shortcut key usually a letter or number or a combination of keys
  • When written down, the combination of keys is shown with a – (hyphen) between them e.g. command-C would mean that you need to press and hold¬†the Command key (or ‘Apple’ key as it’s sometimes known)¬†followed by pressing the letter ‘C’
  • Keys should be pressed in the order written down
Shortcut                                Action
command-? help
command-; check spelling
command-A select all
command-C copy
command-X cut
command-V paste
command-Z undo
command-shift-Z redo
command-D duplicate
command-E use selection for find
command-F find
command-G find next
command-shift-G find previous
command-M minimize
command-option-M minimize all application windows
command-N new
command-O open
command-P print
command-Q quit
command-S save
command-shift-S save as
command-option-S save all
command-W close window
command-shift-: show spelling window

And a few more specific to manipulating text…

Shortcut                         Action
option-left arrow move left one word
option-right arrow move right one word
option-up arrow move up one paragraph
option-down arrow move down one paragraph
command-up arrow move to beginning of all text
command-down arrow move to end of all text
click then drag select text
drag selection move text
option-drag selection copy text
control-A move to start of current paragraph
control-E move to end of current paragraph
control-B move left one character
control-F move right one character
control-H delete


Steph Middleton is an experienced Virtual Assistant and MD of Outhouse