This year’s VA of the Year is Katie Stone, a teacher-turned-entrepreneur living in Ludlow.

Ludlow businesswoman Katie Stone is celebrating after she was crowned “Best VA of the Year with a Small Team” at the UK VA Awards 2022.

The annual VA (Virtual Assistant) Conference and Awards were held in Bournemouth on the 30th September 2022 following on from the VA Conference.

A former teacher, Katie founded the business during the first lockdown of 2020, choosing to work with education businesses such as tutors, educational consultants and EdTech companies, helping them to manage their business admin and, more recently, specialising in mapping and creating systems that allow these small companies to scale and grow.

In the past 6 months she has also begun to grow a small team, all of whom are also ex-teachers or teachers who are looking to exit the profession, allowing her to offer a broader range of services to a growing number of businesses.

Katie, who lives in Middleton, said: “I’m so grateful that I’m able to continue to contribute to the education sector on a way that works for me and for my family, while continuing to acknowledge my passion for education.

I left teaching because the 60–80-hour weeks that I worked simply didn’t fit in with a growing family – now that I work from home, I am able to strike a better balance, and the fact that I am now able to extend this opportunity to other teachers who are looking for ways to exit the profession is a big bonus!

I’m a bit of a systems nerd and finding ways for small education businesses to systematise and automate processes, as well as helping them with other business admin and marketing, brings me such joy, and it’s really lovely to have been nominated by my clients for this lovely award. Winning it is the cherry on top!”

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