Think about somebody you know. What do you remember about them? It’s almost certainly their appearance. Very few of us remember people by their voices, for example, but when we communicate through text we’re doing the equivalent of trying to get people to remember us by the way we sound.

Infographics are visual representations of information – as such, they are like remembering somebody by their appearance.

Infographic facts

  • Between 2010 and 2012 Google searches for infographics have increased by more than 800%
  • Social networking platform Digg’s infographic level has increased 250% since 2007.

Why use infographics in your business?

Viral potential – Infographics boil information down to solid nuggets. They are easy to copy and easy to share. They look good. This means they are likely to shared much more than mere text, giving your business a viral boost.

Boost awareness – Whilst text can be copied without attribution, an infographic that contains your logo and contact details will be transmitted onward with that information intact – powerful marketing happens without loss of ownership.

Drive traffic – If people like your infographic they are much more likely to visit your site – a simple equation that increases local awareness of your business but also increases your credibility and the potential for networking. Good infographics can lead to the opportunity to give presentations at business to business events or to be a speaker at a business dinner, all of which are ways to improve your profile and market your services.

Familiarity – We all use infographics every day. The Underground map is an infographic, graphs are infographics and so on. Visually digestible information is something people feel very comfortable with, so it can help them connect instantly with what your business can do for them.

Speed – By definition, the people who are likely to use a VA are in a hurry. Presenting them with compelling reasons to choose you can be the difference between winning and losing work. An infographic speeds up the learning curve for a client and allows them to retain facts about your business. The quicker and more powerfully you show a potential client how you can help them, the more likely they are to use you!

The ABC of creating and using infographics:

A. Choose a good topic – obviously it has to be useful to your clients and relevant to your business but if it’s also deadly boring, nobody will care much about it! Ensure your chosen topic is not too limited. An infographic about administration costs for start up businesses in Godalming is not as likely to succeed as the same infographic about start-ups across the UK. Find solid data – your local business organisations probably have it lying around.

B. Design your infographic – split the information into categories and browse good infographics to see what works. Pinterest is a good place to explore many different ways of visualising data while Mashable has amazing data to work with. Think realistically; using symbols that your clients can readily identify will help them understand – and fall in love with – your infographic, so don’t become too artistic.

C. Make sure you’re built into your infographic – put your name, logo and website in the infographic so people can find you. And when you post it up, encourage people to share it.

Tools to create infographics

  1. EWC Presenter is a free system that allows you to make data visual. It’s quite complex but well worth mastering for more than just infographics.
  2. is simpler to EWC Presenter but more limited in the scope of its infographic creation. If you’re new to infographics, this is the place to start as it’s as simple as ordering coffee. There is a pro version at a reasonable cost, if you decide to become an infographic expert!
  3. Piktochart offers much the same as and offers free version which is much lighter than its subscription package but still useful for the occasional infogram creator.

Have you created any infographics for your business? Please share a link to them so we can see what’s worked for you.