Increase your efficiency with a customised toolbar in Microsoft OfficeThe quick access toolbar is an incredibly useful feature that in my mind is often overlooked.

If you regularly use Microsoft office, and particularly if there are certain functions that you use often, customising the quick access toolbar can shave minutes off a job, helping you to provide a fast and efficient service for your customers.

The quick access tool is the small toolbar at the very top of the screen, above the ribbon where the various tabs and menus are, as indicated in the image below.

Customise Toolbar2

How to customise the toolbar

Customising the quick access toolbar is very easy, here’s how to do it:

  1. Simply right-click an open area on the Ribbon and choose “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”
  2. You’ll then see a dialogue box where you can customise the buttons that are shown in the quick access toolbar. If you know the icon you are looking for,, you can find it listed under the subheading that you would find it in the ribbon – simply choose from the drop down list in the left hand column. The most popular choices are also listed under ‘popular commandsCustomise Toolbar
  3. To add your button to the toolbar, simply select it in the left hand menu and then click ‘add‘.
  4. You will see it appear in the box on the right hand side and that’s all there is to it! You can add as many icons as you need to. To remove a button, simply reverse the process by clicking the icon in the right hand menu and then clicking ‘remove‘.
  5. When you are done, simply click ‘ok‘ and you will see your new buttons displayed in the quick access toolbar. They will now always be displayed at the top of your screen, regardless of what you are doing or which tab you are looking at in the ribbon.

Customise Toolbar