Airport Lounge access pick of the perks in new survey!

A new survey has revealed that staff wellbeing is climbing the corporate and employee agenda when it comes to business travel.

Commissioned by the independent business travel specialists, Principal Business Travel, as part of the launch of their new rewards programme, “PrINcipal Rewards”, the survey asked regular business travellers and corporate travel bookers about their thoughts and feelings about business travel.

Whilst the majority reported feeling positive about business travel, nearly 70% of those surveyed insisted that having “downtime” was essential to them whilst away on business.

Just over 60% of respondents also claimed that business travel provided them with a sense of achievement whilst just over half had considered the potential of extending their work travel into mini personal breaks but were not sure on the stance of their employer over the idea.

Meanwhile, Principal Business Travel’s survey revealed the airport lounge access remains pick of the perks when travelling on business, followed by security fast-tracking and seat reservations.

Respondents also noted that sustainability currently plays little role in their thinking when travelling for work.

‘There are really interesting findings in here and we are heartened to see that wellbeing is being taken more seriously by travellers and employers alike,’ comments Ingrid Sanderson, founder of Principal Business Travel, which was established in 1999.

‘That focus on wellbeing is at the heart of our new loyalty programme, “PrINcipal Rewards” because we recognise the challenges of maintaining work-life balance during business travel. Accordingly, PrINcipal Rewards goes beyond traditional loyalty programmes – this is a ‘Wellness’ focussed programme that places a spotlight on work-life balance, acknowledging and rewarding every aspect of the journey.’

With PrINcipal Rewards travellers earn points for air miles, ground commutes, meeting participation or hotel stays. Every leg of the journey, both professionally and personally, counts. These points unlock a diverse array of travel treats and health and wellbeing rewards, designed to provide them with the balance and rejuvenation they need.

Regarding the findings of the survey, Ingrid adds that there were a few surprises:

‘‘We actually anticipated that sustainability might figure a little higher but we suspect that this might be more of consideration for the employer and the booker as opposed to the business traveller and part of a wider debate around ESG.

‘What was slightly alarming was that over two thirds of our respondents didn’t actually know whether their company had a travel policy. Now it may well be that they do indeed have one but if that is the case, we advocate strongly that any such policies are communicated to employees. It not only helps ensure that everybody knows the processes and expectations around the booking of business travel, but it can also serve as a positive message when attracting new members of staff or even when pitching for contracts.

‘We are looking ahead to a positive year for business travel and would like to remind our clients that with PrINcipal Rewards you can begin your journey toward a healthier work-life balance because your wellbeing is not just a goal; it’s a reward waiting to be unlocked.’