If you’ve ever been approached by a client and asked to write a meta description, it may be something that you had to Google. The meta description is the 160 character snippet that summarises a pages content on search engines.

Writing meta descriptions for SEO has been something my team of VA’s has been working on recently, and it’s something that is often overlooked and not done properly.

Every meta description should be under 160 characters. The “…” cutoff looks unprofessional, and should be avoided if possible. A meta description entices the searcher to click on the link and find out more information by telling them what the value is of clicking that mouse. It should also reinforce the keyword for the page title, which in the above example would be Facebook. 

What Does a Meta Description Do?

The main purpose of having a meta description is to get visitors from search engines and social media to click the link and visit the page. It’s almost like writing a mini-ad for your clients’ website.

A well written meta description will help to improve the click through rate of a site from search engines. The better the click-through of a link on a search engine, the better the site will be ranked in the search results.

Writing the Perfect Meta Descriptions

  1. The length of a meta description should never be more than 160 characters to avoid the dreaded “…”.
  2. Use language that is action oriented to get more clicks.
  3. Make the description specific and relevant. Keep using that keyword!
  4. Don’t deceive the searchers. No-one wants to be duped into visiting a page.
  5. Explain the solution, benefit and value of clicking on that link.

Things to Avoid…

  1. Don’t overuse the keyword. If you repeat it more than 9 times you will be penalised.
  2. Don’t just copy and paste content from the page or post as the meta description. It should be completely unique from the actual site.
  3. Don’t use the same description for multiple pages. The search engines get confused and it will dilute the effect they have. Come up with unique content for every client page.

Great Examples of Meta Descriptions

Here we have a few of the best meta descriptions out there that you can use as examples.

All of these are the perfect example of what a great meta description is. They are sharp, to the point and really drive those clicks. We hope that you can use these tips the next time you write meta descriptions for your clients.