Asana is made for all kinds of team, and we find it works brilliantly as a team of VA’s. It allows us to customise our projects and share ideas within the team. Which is why we want to offer you tips to help you use Asana to its full potential as a VA for better organisation.

View your to-do list in My Tasks

Don’t know where a task you were assigned to went? Want to know what you need to be working on today? My Tasks is the place you want to go. Every task that is assigned to you is kept there, and you can filter all of the work you’ve completed, the tasks that are due soon and what’s coming up next. Check the My Tasks tab using the right sidebar throughout the day to keep yourself on track and aware of any new work coming in.

Tips for using My Tasks: 

  • Every task should have a due date and a priority, whether it’s for today, later or upcoming. Now you can focus on your top priorities, and won’t have to worry about losing track of work happening later or getting distracted by clutter.
  • Make use of the filter icon in the top right corner of My Tasks. This allows you to sort tasks by due date or completion.
  • Use Calendar View to see your schedule. It allows you to understand your deadlines better, and you can drag and drop tasks around to change the due date.

Use @mention for teammates, tasks and projects

Want to make sure your colleague or client sees a task, a link to other work or a project? Just type @ and the name of the person, task or project you want to link to. For others in your team, a notification is generated for them. For tasks and projects, a link is provided to the work in Asana. You won’t have to wonder anymore if the other person say your message or trawling through long email threads for information.

Document processes using the custom templates 

Creating clear processes for everyone in your team can be tedious and hard to maintain. Using custom templates in Asana is easy and fast, and helps to document your processes so when new projects come in you can get started on them quickly. Anyone can create a project from the template, so you know they will always be following the right steps and have the right information for executing the work successfully.

Tips for custom templates:

  • Templates are always comment-only, so steps are locked down. That way no one can accidentally make changes to it.
  • Any process that you and your team repeat often can be turned into a custom template. Some great ones to use are event planning, new employee onboarding and product launches.

Keep things clearer by storing tasks in multiple projects 

Sometimes our work as VA’s overlaps and can’t be confined to just one project. Instead of duplicating the task over and over again, with Asana you can simply add it to multiple projects. That way all of your work and updates are tracked in the same place, and everyone can see what’s happening in that project.

Utilise start dates to show the duration of a task

Deadlines tell you when the work is due, but everyone is guilty of leaving it till the last minute or letting it fall to the wayside if we have too much lead time. Using start dates can help you pace your work out, and ensures that you have enough time to get the work done.

Colour code everything you want to 

Asana helps you to organise your workload without having your desk covered in sticky notes and highlighters. It gives you plenty of options to still use colour to help you organise your tasks. You can set a project colour for project types, or use colours to keep your sidebar organised. This helps others in your team scan information by glancing at the colours.

Set out a plan for how you are going to use Asana

There’s a tonne of ways you can use Asana, and any way you use it, if it works for you, will be the right way. Set up a meeting with your team and go through the processes on how to get it to work best for you and make decisions such as:

  • What information needs to go into a task before you assign it?
  • How will updates be shared?
  • Who will create and manage projects?
  • How will email and chat software be used with Asana?

Get started with Asana using these top features and you’ll be benefitting from it in no time.