In 2015 Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of global users, with the majority of users being in the younger age bracket. 90% of UK Instagram users are under 35, with a high amount of these female that are likely living in urban areas. With these types of demographics it is clear to see why certain businesses will use Instagram to communicate their messages rather than other older demographic social media sites like Facebook.

In a previous walkthrough I showed you how to schedule multiple social media streams at the same time using an Excel CSV file and Hootsuite. This works perfectly well for all the main networks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but differs slightly when using Instagram.

With Instagram you are able to schedule posts on Hootsuite in the same way that you do with other social media sites, however you have to post the updates manually. Hootsuite will remind you when you need to do this and has made the process as hassle free as possible, we will walk you through it now:

  1. When you schedule your posts on Hootsuite, choose the posts with appropriate attractive images for (this is important as Instagram is a very visual social media network) and select the Instagram box, the one with the little camera. 1.11
  2. This is all you actually have to do in Hootsuite itself. Now, when the date and the time for the scheduled Instagram post occurs, you will receive a notification on your phone and the little Hootsuite owl will pop up at the top of your phone screen.2
  3. When you click on the notification on your phone you will be welcomed with the following notification screen:3
  4. Click on the post that you want to schedule and then select the ‘Open In Instagram’ box that pops up at the bottom of the screen.4
  5. Your post will now open in Instagram and you will be invited to crop your photo. You can decide to leave it as the original picture, but I always like to crop mine into a square image if possible as it looks a little more pleasing to the eye.5-1
  6. Once you are happy with the cropping of the image you will then be invited to add a filter to the image. It is always worth looking through all of the filters in my opinion as some can really help enhance the image itself.6
  7. The next screen you will see will be the one where you write the caption. Luckily Hootsuite & Instagram make this very easy for you. As you have already written the post in Hootsuite you will be able to paste the caption that you had written in the schedule. Simply hold your finger on the blank space and press paste.7
  8. When the post has been written I always like to add in a couple more relevant hash tags as it increases the visibility of our post and the chance of engagement substantially on Instagram. Once you are happy with your post and your hash tags, select the blue ‘share’ button at the top right hand corner of your phone/tablet.8
  9. Congratulations! You have just learnt how to post to Instagram from Hootsuite. It really is quite simple and although slightly more time consuming than other networks it really is worth the effort in my opinion.9