Have you ever had to create a new Powerpoint Presentation and been asked to create slides that you know you’ve created before in a previous presentation? Perhaps  you want to reuse some fancy stats from a previous proposal that you know would work well for this one too? Or maybe you have title slides that you use in each presentation that you create? I’m a big fan of never doing things the long way if there’s a more efficient option, and this tip is exactly what you need to save time but also make ensure consistency.

Of course, you could just open up the presentation you want to copy the slides from, and copy and paste the information over – that in itself is going to be quicker than creating the slide from scratch, but this does then mean you’ll need to reformat the content once it’s pasted in, so it’s not that much less work in reality!

But did you know that there’s no longer any need to do that? There’s actually a handy function in PowerPoint 2013 that allows you to import slides of your choosing from an old presentation to new one without even needing to open the file, it just needs to be saved somewhere on your computer.

Here’s how to do it…

Start by opening a new or existing presentation that you would like to add the slide to

Then from the Home tab > Slides group click ‘New Slide‘ to see the options available. You’ll then see a list of various slide templates and at the bottom of this menu click the option to re-use slides

Import Slides 13 (1)


This will open up a new viewing pane on the right hand side of your screen with options to browse to the slides you’d like to insert. Click ‘Browse‘ > Browse file to navigate to the file and open it.

(Note: You could also click the link below this box that says ‘Open a PowerPoint File’ to get to the same place as above or if you know it, type the file path of the file you are looking for into the search bar then click the search arrow).

Import Slides 13 (5)

Once the file is selected, you’ll see a list of slides images appear, showing the slide and slide title. Navigate to the slide you want to use and click on it.

Import Slides 13 (4)

To add all of the slides at once, right click anywhere in the reuse slides pane and select ‘insert all slides

Import Slides 13 (2)

You’ll see your slides appear in your presentation, and the new slides will be added to the slide viewer pane on the left hand side of the screen.

Note: by default, the slide’s content will be imported, but not any formatting, it will use the current presentation theme, however, you can check the box ‘keep source formatting’ to ensure any formats are also copied over to the new slide.

Import Slides 13 (3)