In our previous walk-through’s we showed you how to Create a simple questionnaire in Google Docs and How to create a competition form using Google Docs”. Now that you have your competition or questionnaire it is time to host the form on your Facebook page so that you can start promoting it and grow the quantity of your entries.

This walk-through will also tell you how to embed the form on your website and within an email, but will concentrate mostly on how to embed the form on Facebook, which can then be shared via Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media page.

So let’s get started:

  1. Open your questionnaire or competition that you want to embed on your social media page. I am going to use the competition that we created in the previous walk-through.
    2. Check through your form to make sure that it is correct and ready to go live. If it is, click on the Send button at the top right hand side of the page.FB2
    3. On the box that comes up you have the option to email the competition/questionnaire to yourself, your database or anyone else that you want to. If you forward it to your own account you could then forward that on to your contacts from there. You can also share the link via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus straight from this box. This however will only show the link on your page rather than embed it onto your page. See the next steps on how to embed it on your page. FB34. Click on the left and right arrow option at the top of the box. This will send you to the screen below.FB45. This embed code can be used on your website if you copy the whole embed code and paste it on your site. This is also the code to embed it onto Facebook. You need to be at least an Admin on the Facebook page to be able to carry out the rest of these steps.6. Go to Facebook and search “Static iFrame Tab” in the search box. Click on the app at the top of the list.FB5

    7. Click Login with Facebook.


8. Click Okay on the next box and the one after saying that iFrame want to manage your pages click Okay again as the application needs permission to add a tab to your Facebook page.


9. Select the Facebook page that you want to add the tab to. In this case I am going to add it to Cornwall Tours page


10. Once you click Add Tab To Page, you will get the screen below.


11. Navigate back to the page that you have added the tab to and scroll down. On the left hand side will be a new box called Apps, click on the Welcome tab.


12. You will be welcomed with the box below. In the enter HTML box put in the embed code from your Google Docs questionnaire or competition.


13. Scroll down a little further and you can name your tab. I have named mine the same as the competition itself. You also have the option to select that people can only access this form if they ‘Like’ your page. This being the Friend-Gate option, this can be useful if you have a great competition and want to quickly increase your Facebook followers, however it may decrease the overall amount of people that enter your competition. You also have the option to change the image of the tab, however the size must be exactly 111px wide by 74 high.

Once finished click Save Settings.FB12

14. Nearly there. Now just to get the tab onto the tab list on your page. On the tab list click Manage Tabs.


15. Click on your new tab, in my case Huge Competition, and drag it above the Likes tab.


16. When you get back to your Facebook page the new tab will then be there on show. If you click on it you will see your Google Docs form proudly on show. Enjoy!