Google Docs are some of the most useful, simple and interactive documents to use freely on the internet. You can create documents similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint that can be easily shared, worked on collaboratively and shared. You also have the opportunity to use Google Forms.

This article will tell you in detail how to create a simple questionnaire in Google Docs using Google Forms for you to host on your website, social media account or within an email.

To start go to Google and search for Google Docs. The top option will be the one to select. If you do not have a Google account, then you will need to set one up before we get started…

Once you have signed in, you will be welcomed with this screen below.


  1. Click on the forms tab at the top of the screen.


  1. Click the Go to Google Forms button in the centre of the screen.


  1. Here you will see the option to Start a new form, select Blank.


  1. Name your new form and add a description for anyone using your form. You can see my example below.


  1. In the top right hand corner you can change colours or preview your questionnaire at anytime.


  1. Right onto the first question. Click on the Untitled Question box and you will see it has automatically selected the question to be multiple choice. You can change this to a range of question types by choosing a different option in this box.


  1. I always like to start my questionnaires by asking for participants, age, gender and location as it makes these are important factors in socio demographic profiling. The first question: What is your gender? I would set up as a multiple choice question as there are limited answers. To this select multiple choice from the drop down list and then type in your question and the possible answers that you want to include.


  1. To add the next question you need to click on the plus sign on the right hand side.



  1. The next two questions: What is your age? And: What is your postcode? I would set up as short answers as there is a wide variation of answers.


  1. On the right hand side panel, you have the option to add question, add description, add picture, add video and add section. If you have a video or picture to go with your questionnaire then it would be good to add this. The add section option should be used to break your questionnaire up into sections e.g. Demographics, Research, Feedback, Marketing Permissions.
  1. On all of the questions you have a Required slider at the bottom of the question. If you slide this to the right then it means that the question cannot be skipped.


  1. When you have created and populated your questionnaire, you are then ready to host it on your website, social media page or send it in an email. To do this, go to the top of the page where it says Send.


  1. When you initially click send you will have the option to send it to email recipients. You may want to send this straight out to you email recipients, or send it directly to your work account to then forward on to a database.


  1. The second option on this form is to send people a link to your questionnaire. This is good if you are messaging people on social media like Facebook or Twitter directly. Here you have the option to Shorten URL for use on Twitter.


  1. The final option, and probably the best option if you have a website or large database of emails is to embed the form into your content on the website or within the body of an email.14
  2. Once you have sent it out, normally using a combination of these three above, you can watch your responses role in. To do this just click on the responses tab at the top of the questionnaire.