Have you been wanting to create a specific landing tab on the Facebook page for your business, like the ones for Coca Cola or Livescribe (my favourite gadget at the moment but that’s another story)? If you know a little html,  you have an html editor or even if you just want to display a picture, here’s a tutorial. I have assumed that you already have a Facebook Page set up.

I’m going to show you how to use a Facebook application called Static HTML iframe tabs . You can add it to your page by going to the page for the app here and select Add to my Page in the left hand menu

Facebook html app

Now when you return to your page you’ll see a Welcome item in your page options, having the star icon next to it. Click on it to see the settings you can edit.

Static html settings 

You’ll see two boxes. The top box is where you’ll put the code that both fans and non fans will see the first time they vist your page. If you want you can put additional items in the second box. Whatever is in here will only be shown to fans of your page so you could put a special message to them here. Remember though that visitors are only usually taken to the Welcome page before they become fans. Once they have “liked” you then they will normally be taken straight to the Wall on future visits, so it’s not very beneficial to put things in the lower box unless you have a means to direct people to this tab at a later date or you’re creating a tab that’s not for your welcome page.

You can add any html code you like to the top box to display the content you want to, just as you would for your website – including images, text, formatting etc. If you’re not used to coding html then you could use an editor such as Dreamweaver or Serif Webplus to help you create the html from your designs.

However, a really simple way to get an effective landing page is to make an image, 520 pixels wide, with all the information on it that you want. Then all you have to do is host that image somewhere on your web server and provide a link to it in the top box with a single line of code:  

<img src=”http://www.mywebsite.com/myimage.jpg”>

and that’s all you’d need to add.

You might want to change the name of the page from Welcome. To do this go to your page and then click “edit page” on the top right corner. Navigate to Apps and then click Edit settings underneath the Static html: iframe tabs listing. You can now change the name of the tab on the resulting dialog box that pops up.

Edit static html

To make this page the default landing tab for new visitors, then whilst you’re in the edit page screen, select Manage permissions and choose your new Default Landing Tab in the drop down box on the right hand side.

Manage permissions

and you’ve finished! Now when your new visitors land on this page they’ll see your image or content displayed underneath your like button.

Joanne Sparkes, Editor
Expedio Virtual Assistance Ltd