In a previous article, I talked about the golden rule of Mailchimp list management and the importance of trying to keep only one list in your Mailchimp accounts, however for some organisations this isn’t so easy and there may be a couple of reasons for having more than one list. The downside of this is that subscribers can possible end up on both lists, creating duplicate records, and if they unsubscribe from one list, they don’t get automatically unsubscribed from the other. This can end you  up in hot water, and result in unnecessary spam complaints, which you really want to avoid!

So if you do end up with multiple lists, one way of avoiding this issue to to merge or combine your lists using the nifty functions in Mailchimp so here’s how to do it:

Using the combine function

I would recommend that you start by creating a main list or master list to collate all of your contacts, rather than using an existing list. To use the combine feature is fairly simple:

    1. From the left hand menu select ‘Lists’
    2. Then on the list you would lie to combine, select the dropdown arrow on the right hand side and choose ‘combine lists

Mailchimp Combine Lists (1)

    • You will then see a pop up box and will be prompted to choose a list to combine with
    • Select the name of the list you want to combine your subscribers into and if applicable, tick any groups that you want your subscribers to be added to

Mailchimp Combine Lists (3)


    • As this process is irreversible, you will then be prompted to confirm your request, type CONFIRM then click ‘combine’Mailchimp Combine Lists (2)
    • If all goes well (!) you will see a confirmation message at the top of th page telling you that your lists have been successfully combined.



A few notes:

  • You cannot process bulk actions on lists that had any recent activity so if you have recently sent a campaign or autoresponder email to any subscribers on your list then bulk actions such as bulk delete, unsubscribe and combine functions will be disabled for 7 days. After this time, you are free to use these functions, provided there has been no activity since.
  • Before you combine your lists, remember that the action can’t be undone so it’s wise to back up your list before merging them! Do this by clicking into the list you will be combining, go to settings > export and export your list of subscribers as a CSV file.
  • An alternative method of combining your lists is to export each list individually and then import them back into Mailchimp into your master list using the CSV import function
  • This feature is limited to certain users, so if the function is not available to you, then get your account administrator to check your permissions