Following on from our previous article where we looked at an easy way to exclude contacts who have opted out of receiving communication with you from an exported contact search, I thought it might be useful to show you a way of automatically adding your ‘Opted Out’ tag, rather than having to do it manually.

The benefits of this are that you won’t then need to run a manual search for opted out contacts every time, you’ll simply be able to include the new ‘Opted Out’ tag in any search or report that you run,  which will not only save you time, but also make the process much easier and more efficient. You will be able to see much more accurately how many actual contacts you have available to market to. This is something that many of my customers have struggled with when it comes to accurately analysing data within their Infusionsoft system, because an initial search might show that you have 100 contacts in a particular list, however, in actual fact there may only be 90 people who will receive the emails you send  because 10 of them have already opted out.

The way to do it is by setting up an automated action, here’s how…

Creating an action Set in Infusionsoft

So first of all, go to CRM > Settings > Action Sets > Add an Action SetCreate Action Set Infusionsoft (14)

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (13)

You’ll then see a new pop up window where you can create the action set. On the first tab, named ‘Action‘ first of all give your action an explanatory name, such as “Identify All Opted-Out Contacts” or “When a contact opts out of email communication

Next from the drop down box ‘Add new action‘ select the option Apply/Remove TagCreate Action Set Infusionsoft (12)From the next box, choose the radio button ‘Apply’ then select the tag you’d like to apply. (If your tag doesn’t yet exist, you can create it at this stage by clicking the link ‘create a new tag…‘) Note: hold down CTRL to select multiple tags if required

Underneath your list of tags, there is a check box that says “only run this action when certain rules are met” – you need to tick this box and then you’ll see a new dropdown box appear for you to choose a rule.

If you already have a rule set up that you’d like to use, you can select it here. If you haven’t already got one set up, click ‘Add‘ to add a new rule

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (10)

In the resulting new window, click ‘create criteria‘ then you’ll see some drop down boxes appear – here you have a huge number of contact record criteria you can use to create you rule, and in this case we are going to select: Contact Field – general information > Email  

You’ll then get another drop down box titled “Status is“, from here select ‘Opt Out’

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (9)

Click ‘Save Criteria‘ and you’ll see that your rule looks something like this:

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (8)

If you are happy with your settings, click ‘Save & Close‘ to return to your previous window. You’ll now be able to select your newly created rule from the list of rules then click ‘Save‘.

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (7)

You’ll now return to the main Action Set screen, where you can review the Actin you have just created. By clicking on the tab named ‘Visible To‘ you can make this action visible to all users, or only selected users within your Infusionsoft Application.

If you are satisfied with your settings, click ‘Save

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (6)

The final step is to test you newly created action. Do this by browsing to a record (preferably a test record!) and sending them an email manually by scrolling down to the email section of the contact record. Open the email in your email client and click the unsubscribe link, following the options to unsubscribe your email address. Once this done, browse back to the contact record in your Infusionsoft application and you should see that your new tag is now added to the contact record.

Note: if the tag hasn’t been applied, tried refreshing the screen before going back to check your action set settings.

Create Action Set Infusionsoft (1)