Is it possible to be healthy, happy and have a successful business?

Absolutely, but one tends to stem from another. So if one part is suffering, the others probably will too.

Take health as an example. To be healthy we all know you need to eat a balanced diet and be active. And as a result of eating healthier and being more active, you feel happier. Then naturally, that combination of health and happiness will translate into your work life too. Making for a more productive, efficient VA machine.

It’s hard for one to come without the other. Or harder at any rate.

Could you be happy without being healthy? Would you have a successful business if you weren’t leading a happy life?

But the great thing is, having all isn’t as difficult to achieve as you might think. Yes, the successful business part takes a lot of work and effort. But being healthy and happy, both of which don’t take as much effort as you think, will make the successful business part easier.

So what’s the secret?

According to the experts, four things:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Hobby

1. Diet I’ve already touched upon, but it’s so much more important than some of us realise. What you eat affects how productive you are.

Refined carbs and sugars may give you an initial surge in energy, but it’ll be short-lived. Leaving you sluggish and ready for a nap before too long.

Eat protein with every meal for more sustained energy levels and drink plenty of water. 1.5 – 2 litres every day is the minimum. The brain is made up of around 70% water. So replenish it, otherwise dehydration will affect how you function.

And don’t leave it too long between meals.

Eat breakfast, have plenty of healthy snacks to hand and have a decent lunch during every work day. In fact, dinner is the least important meal of the day.

2. Then we come to exercise. The part where we all have good intentions, but in reality we come up with excuse after excuse of why we haven’t been able to squeeze it into our schedule.

But exercise doesn’t necessarily mean slogging away in the gym five times a week. Unless that’s your thing.

Find an exercise that you do enjoy.

Walking, zumba, bootcamp, yoga, swimming, salsa, tennis … whatever’s going to get you up and out, do it.


Exercise gets oxygen pumping round the body and importantly, to the brain – improving productivity, alertness, memory and focus.

For VA’s or home workers in general, this is particularly important. There’s no commute to work, so your body can stay in an inactive state for a lot longer each morning. And there’s no colleagues to help boost energy levels, brainstorm with or even just have a chat with by the coffee machine.

Scheduling exercise into your daily routine, even if only for 20 minutes, gets you moving, the blood flowing and contrary to belief, will give you more energy for the day ahead.

3. Mindfulness is a term that’s been thrown around over the last year or two. It’s essentially meditation, but in its simplest format.

Being mindful takes practice. Plenty of it, but it has amazing benefits for those who persist.

On an hourly basis, it’s amazing how many thoughts flick through your mind. And whilst it’s fine to have thoughts, some can be toxic.

Thoughts like … that last piece of client work wasn’t good enough. I bet that client is looking for a new VA. My business isn’t working. I’m not making enough money. I’ll never find new clients. Everyone else is doing so much better than me. I’m not good enough …

None of these are necessarily a reality, but it doesn’t stop us from thinking them.

Mindfulness helps clear those self-depreciating thoughts. So you can start to focus on the present and realise that they are only thoughts. Not reality. And by clearing your mind, you remove the negativity to become more productive.

Thus making your clients happy, and in turn making your business more successful.

Keen to know more? Listen to this webinar or download the slides to find out more about what mindfulness is, how it can help your work life and improve your business.

4. Get a hobby. Yes, really.

Being healthy, happy and successful means having time out doing things you enjoy. Anyone who spends all their time working on their business with no extra-curricular activities, may eventually build a strong business, but are they truly happy? Probably not.

In fact, having a hobby can only benefit your business. It stops you consciously thinking about it all the time, opening your mind to subconsciously creating ideas and making better well-rounded decisions.

So you see, health, happiness and success stems from these four simple steps. What’s holding you back?