Have you ever wondered why, as you write comments on blogs, some people’s pictures are appearing next to their posts but yours are not? If you’re even given the option to upload a picture of yourself, it can be a bit tiresome uploading yet another image and filling out the same set of links and profile information, so very often you remain a white silhouette on a grey background?

There’s a solution. You need a Gravatar. 

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognised Avatar. You sign up once at www.gravatar.com, upload a picture and associate it with an email address, or as many email addresses as you use. Then whenever you use one of those emails to post on a gravatar supported blog, and all wordpress built ones inherently are – including Virtual Assistance Professional, your Avatar and associated profile will appear too. If you’ve filled out a short bio on the gravatar website then readers can even hover over your gravatar to see a short synopsis of who you are.

It would be good practice to use the same picture for most things you do online so use the same picture on your Twitter and Facebook profiles. Readers will then start to associate your face with the things you are saying and it can be part of the tools you use to start building up your reputation online. People are more likely to trust and follow you if you’re not faceless.

Another way to link your face with your content if you’re an author of a blog is to make sure that your Google profile is kept updated, preferably with the same picture you’re using for your Gravatar. Google are piloting displaying author information in search results and you may soon find that your picture will be appearing alongside content you’ve written. If you’d like more information about showing authorship in Google you can find it here

Now you will no longer be a faceless grey commenter or anonymous blogger! Look forward to seeing your comments, and Gravatars below…