Google+ time-saving tipsHave you started using Google+ yet? Are you managing your clients’ Google+ campaigns? If so, like me you probably want to get to know all the tips and tricks available that will help make your management of this social media channel easier.

So below I’ve outlined any shortcuts and tips that I’ve come across in my quest to find time-saving tricks for us professional VAs’.

1. Keyboard shortcuts

You’re probably already aware at how much I like finding keyboard shortcuts – they can save acres of time, once you get used to them! So here are the main shortcuts of Google+:

  • Bold text: *insert word*
  • Italic text: _insert word+
  • Underlined text: -insert word-
  • Space bar: Scroll down through your stream
  • Shift + space bar: Scroll up through your stream
  • J: Scroll one post down
  • K: Scroll one post up
  • Q: Open chat feature
  • Return/Enter: To start a comment
  • Tab + return: To finish a comment

2. Get your own personalised URL

At the moment Google+ doesn’t give the ability for you to personalise your URL. So currently if you want to share your Google+ page (or that of your clients’) you’ll notice a string of numbers relating to your profile page, which I’m sure you’ll agree isn’t particularly enticing.

However help is at hand. To get your own personalised URL for Google+ go to, enter the name you want to be recognised by in the ‘Nick name’ field, then your Google+ number ID in the next field:

G+ personalised URL

You can then hand out your new URL which will automatically redirect to your Google+ page.

Google+ personalised URL

3. Tag friends

Similarly to Twitter, it’s possible to tag people within your circles that you want to post comments or send a message to. Simply add the + symbol then start typing the name – Google will autofill possible options as you type:

Tagging people

4. Mute posts

Whether you’re using Google+ on behalf of yourself or your clients’, you may lose interest in a certain topic that you had originally got involved in. It can therefore be frustrating when the thread re-appears at the top of your notifications.

There is a very simple solution to this problem that Google+ have nicely provided – just mute the thread so you don’t receive any further notifications (unless you un-mute to get back in again!).

Go into the conversation, click the arrow in the right hand corner and select ‘Mute post’:

Mute post

5. Photo editor

Google+ has a very handy photo editor built-in which obviously means you no longer have to pre-format the photos you upload – brilliant!

So no need to take more time by going into Fireworks or Photoshop first to adjust size, crop or effects, simply upload your image then select ‘Edit’ and get tweaking:

Google+ photo editing

Do you use Google+ regularly? If so, have you stumbled across any fab time saving techniques? We’d love to hear from you if you have.