Google Analytics Latest UpdatesOver the last few months Google Analytics have added some great new features to make it easier for us business owners to review and analyse our website traffic and activity.

These updates include:

  • Monitor your traffic & conversions in real-time
  • Google Goals improvements to better measure website visitor activity
  • Additional field filters to analyse data

I don’t know about you, but often I’m so swamped to view email updates that I wind up muddling through when it comes to analysing my website data each month. However this month I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and review the latest GA announcements for any little nuggets that may help make my life easier and save me time each month.

Now I guess it depends on your own business or the business of the clients’ you support as to whether these recent updates will help, but for info on some of the new features that I’ve already found useful or I know will prove to be useful in the future, read on.

1. Monitor your traffic & conversions in real-time

You may already be aware of the beta-launch of Real-Time Goals back in April, but if not I think it’s a great tool that enables you to track your website visitors against conversion in real-time.

How you can get this information:

  • Log in to your GA account
  • Click on Dashboards
  • Create a new dashboard or add to your existing one
  • Click ‘Add widget’

Add widget

  • The following pop-up will appear:

GA Real-Time

  • Choose which widget you’d like to use from the ‘Real Time’ section:

GA Real-Time2

  • Select the criteria you want. Here I’ve chosen to create a counter display widget, showing active visitors by traffic type, filtered by country – UK.

GA Report Type

You can obviously filter your criteria to serve whatever purpose you have. I’ve found this particularly beneficial to my clients who have sales websites, as its enables us to target our marketing campaigns more effectively.

2. Google Goals Improvements to better measure website visitor activity

Google Goals is a way for you to track how your website visitors are interacting on your website, or in layman’s terms, as a way for you to ensure they are going where you want them to go. The latest updates include:

  • New set-up flow
  • New templates
  • New verification capabilities

As a Virtual Assistant you may sell services such as training or webinar’s via your website, or you may have a newsletter sign up that you want all who land on your website to complete. Whatever your purpose, setting Google Goals can help you monitor and measure website activity, and will be a fab tool to use when it comes to reviewing your annual marketing strategy.

For more information on Google Goals or to start your own Goals, refer to the full article here.

3. Additional field filters to analyse data

In March GA opened up Universal Analytics to all users as a way to provide even more insights to your website visitors and how they interact with your website.

Google Analytics say that the main benefits are:

  • Understanding how customers interact with your businesses across many devices and touch-points
  • Insights into the performance of your mobile apps
  • Improvements of lead generation and ROI by incorporating offline and online interactions so you can understand which channels drive the best results
  • Improved latency on your site by reducing client-side demands

So if these would prove beneficial to your own business, or to the businesses of your clients’, refer to the full article here.