In this webinar we discussed how Mindfulness can help you achieve your business, and personal, goals and you can watch it here.

In the UK in 2013, 15 million work days were lost due to stress or anxiety. Successfully running and growing your own business, whilst keeping up with the demands of your clients, can put you under enormous pressure. Which builds up. And if this pressure builds without being managed properly, it’s not only your business that will suffer.

Our webinar offered an introduction to Mindfulness. A centuries old method of awareness that when practiced can lead to greater focus, clarity and productivity – both at work and at home.

We covered:

  1. What Mindfulness is (and isn’t)
  2. How Mindfulness can help your work life
  3. How Mindfulness can help improve your business
  4. Tips on how you can be mindful day-to-day

Mindfulness is being adopted by progressive companies such as Google and Apple, along with the NHS, schools and even some MPs. It can be just as beneficial to your business.

Our speaker is Sharon Leighton. She runs a highly successful consultancy providing leadership training and personal mentoring to help busy managers achieve their business goals. As a Mindfulness practitioner for several years she was answering questions from the audience.