Do you suffer from Brain fog? or just a feeling that you can’t find the mental effort to get things done, even though your to do list is getting longer and the reward is payment?

I’ve recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which, whilst not a great thing to discover, resulted in some relief to know that there might be a reason why I wasn’t able to concentrate on the tasks in hand as well as I normally expected to be able to. Other than treat the symptoms there’s not much to be done except to look after myself.

This was the spur I needed to take a good look at what I might be doing to my own body with the lifestyle I’m currently leading. Like many of you, I’m working on the computer many hours of the day, grabbing food and snacks whilst I work and doing very little in the outdoors. I also used to catch up on things at the end of the day, and find myself missing too much time when I should have been in bed. Has this contributed to the current state of my health?

I started to do some research on controlling disease through nutrition and came across The Juice Master, Jason Vale. I watched Super Juice Me and then sceptically tried his 5 day plan, not thinking for a moment that I’d really be able to stick it out. Amazingly, it didn’t find it very difficult at all and here I am, two weeks later, having lost 10lbs in weight, skin and eyes looking good and feeling quite a lot different, especially in terms of being able to think more clearly through the day.

So, now I’ve probably turned in to some kind of healthy food evangelist that you wouldn’t want to drink your glass of coke in front of. I don’t expect for a minute that everyone wants or needs to do what I’ve just done but, if you’ve been feeling more apathy than motivation recently, is there something you can try? Here’s what I’m doing now…

Eating Real Food

Eating a diet filled with highly processed foods, sugar, salt and artificial ingredients i.e. junk foods, can leave your brain feeling foggy. There isn’t much, if any, nutrition left in these foods after they’ve been stripped of their natural state taking this and that out and adding in more chemicals than we can count to come up with something that will stay on the shelf indefinitely.

If there are lots of items on the food labels that you can’t pronounce it’s likely not something you want to be putting into your body. Jason calls these high Human Intervention foods i.e. lots of humans have messed around with them before they reach your plate.

A bit like putting the wrong fuel in your car can make it conk out, highly processed foods are bad fuel for your body.

Get more fresh whole foods into your diet to combat brain fog. Eat different coloured fruits and vegetables as often as possible and fill your body with the goodness that comes from real food.

A good way to go about changing poor eating habits might be to begin by adding in a healthy meal daily. After a week or so of doing this you can replace another meal with a healthy choice and so on. Eventually your bad eating habits should be a thing of the past.

Drinking More Water

Water is so important to your bodily functions. If your body is dehydrated that can cause some serious problems with your mental capacity and well as your physical wellbeing.

An easy way to incorporate more water into your day is to drink a full glass upon rising, or I like some hot water with a slice of lemon, and then keep a glass beside you as you work.

Moving More

Leading a life without much movement can be a cause of brain fog because your brain isn’t getting what it needs to be sharp and alert.

Your brain needs oxygen and vital nutrients which is carried to it through the blood stream. If you don’t get your blood pumping to increase blood flow through exercise your brain is lacking the very things it needs to do its job properly.

Exercise improves brain function, so get off your chair and away from your desk. Even a quick 10-minute walk will go a long way towards improving your brain power.

Trying to Control Stress

If you’re under a lot of stress on a regular basis this can lead to physical and mental problems. Stress elevates a hormone in your body called cortisol that causes inflammation in your brain and body. Chronic inflammation can cause a host of issues including fatigue, damaged brain cells, depression, weight gain and glucose imbalance.

You need to have an outlet for stress. Adding an exercise regime will help you to not only feel better by releasing endorphins in your brain which cause you to feel good, it can even help you shed unwanted weight.

Stress from an emotional situation you’re dealing with can cause serious side effects not only in your body but in your mind as well. Seek out someone you trust to talk with to get your feelings out so you can deal with them. Keeping things bottled up inside isn’t a healthy way to cope.

If any clients make you feel stressed out all the time, end that relationship. The long term effects on your health are not worth it.

Relaxing More

Take the time to relax daily by calming your body and mind. Use meditation, tai chi, yoga, massage, a lovely bath, or any other activity you find fully relaxing.

Getting More Sleep

Sleep helps the body rejuvenate and if you don’t get enough your body will rebel. Strive for around 8 hours per night but listen to your body – you may need more. That client work may seem important, but if you stay up all night to do it, there’ll still be more tomorrow resulting in even more stress (see above). Do more planning and more saying “No”

I Saw My Doctor

Sometimes brain fog is due to a medical condition you may not know you have, such as diabetes, or a thyroid, hormone or immune condition. A big one for women approaching a certain age is perimenopause.

Go and see your doctor if you suffer from brain fog that you can’t shift on your own and let them know your symptoms. They may want to do some blood tests to help find the root cause of the issue.

If you find yourself feeling foggy on a regular basis, chances are you’re suffering from one or all of these being an issue. Get some exercise, eat better, drink lots of water and release your stress and, like me, I’m sure you’ll feel sharper in no time.