Social NetworksBeing a virtual assistant can be lonely, especially if you don’t get to meet clients very often.  These five websites will help boost your social life and get you out of the home office.


Meetup makes it very easy to organise a group of people in your local community. It is also an excellent way to find people close to your home who share similar interests. Want to go hiking near Cardiff? Learn how to practice hypnosis near Manchester? There are Meetup groups for both.

The thing that makes Meetup stand out from other social networks is the focus on genuine socialising. The whole purpose of the site is to get people in a room together, talking, laughing and meeting each other. Membership is free. When signing up, it is definitely worth spending a little time to fill out your profile page.

Meetup also has a great calendar email feature, allowing you to customise a weekly reminder of all the events you might be interested in during each week.

City Socialising

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dating website, but just for friends? Well City Socialising is pretty close to that. It aims to help people find new friends based on shared interests, in their home city.

All the UK’s major cities and largest towns are covered. All ages are also welcome, although perhaps inevitably for a city-based site, the majority of members tend to be in their 20s/30s/40s.


If you’ve got children, and work from home, Mumsnet is a great place to find advice, vent frustrations and chat to other mums. The site covers more or less anything to do with parenting, including finances, ideas for days out, and relevant current affairs. It also has some very interesting blogs.

The Mumsnet Local section of the site features details of activities across the country, so you’re bound to find something near you.


Ok, so is a dating website. But plenty of dating websites are an excellent way for single people to meet people for social reasons too. Not everyone is looking for romance. If you do happen to be in the market for a date, why not try online dating?

Dating sites are no longer full of the geeky clichés. Match is one of the biggest, but there’s plenty more out there that could help you meet interesting people.


Letting a stranger sleep on your sofa may sound a bit dodgy. CouchSurfing began as a way to help students find free accommodation whilst travelling the world. It puts visitors to a country in touch with people willing to show them around, and put them up in a spare room or, if necessary, a couch.

Of course, if you home is also your office then having someone sleep in it might not be ideal. But there is no obligation to host guests.

Over the years, CouchSurfing has developed into a community of people interested in exchanging culture, meeting new people, and having fun. They have regular social events in almost every city in the world. Although the site inevitably attracts a lot of students looking for cheap travel opportunities, it also has many older members. Take a look around – it offers a great chance to make friends with people from all over the world.