Extracting images from a Word document the quick & easy wayImages can be added into Microsoft Word quite easily, and it’s not uncommon for customers, especially those with less technical know-how to send me images that are embedded in a Word document.

There are a couple of problems with this:

  • Firstly, there is no way of extracting them easily! And if there are a large number of images, the process can be time consuming and fiddly.
  • Secondly, when images are embedded into Word, the quality is reduced and copying and pasting images out of the document results in poor quality images.

So, what’s the solution?

Here’s an easy way to extract images in bulk and in their full resolution from a Word Document.

It’s quite a simple solution, but not an obvious one, all we need to do is save the file as a Web Page. Here’s a document with a number of images that have been added into it.


      1. Open your word document containing the images
      2. On the File menu click Save asExtract_Embedded_Images2


    1. Choose a location and enter a name for your file as would normally when saving any file
    2. In the Save As drop down choose Web Page (*.htm; *.html)
    3. Click SaveExtract_Embedded_Images3

What happens next is that your word document will be saved as a web page, and any associated image files will be saved in a folder in the same location with the file name <DocumentName>_files (in this example you will the folder is named “embedded images_files”

You can then open this folder and access the files to use however you wish!