Infusionsoft is becoming an increasingly popular CRM system for small businesses, and is an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool. This week’s tip is something that you would expect to be quite straight forward, but is a feature that seems to be hidden away inside Infusionsoft!

We recently wanted to download a list of contacts who had signed up to enter a prize draw on our website. This in itself was a relatively easy task, as we have these contacts tagged appropriately and can easily search for this, however, we then needed to export the list of contacts in order to carry out the draw.

The issue here (which is perhaps an oversight in the infusionsoft system) is that we had some people who had opted out of communication with us since signing up for the draw, and so we wanted to exclude these people from our prize draw list before exporting it. In other systems, such as Mailchimp or Zoho for example, contacts that have opted out are excluded from search results as standard, however in Infusionsoft they are not, so we need to find a way of identifying them separately and here’s how we did it.

There’s no option with the contact search wizard to search on email status, so first of all we need to run an email status report in order to identify those contacts who have unsubscribed or opted out of further communication. From the main navigation, select Marketing > Reports then from the list of reports choose ‘email status search

IS Unsub Search (8)

IS Unsub Search (7)

This will open up the main report, select ‘edit criteria/columns‘ to open up the report options and then from the email status list box select all the options that apply. In this case we are looking for those who have opted out or unsubscribed as per the image below

IS Unsub Search (5)

When you have set your options, click ok.

Next we want to apply a tag to these contacts so that we know they have opted out. To do this, select all of the records and then click ‘Actions > Apply/remove tag. Follow the steps in the wizard to apply a tag to your contacts, or create a new tag if you need to.

IS Unsub Search (6)

Running your search

Now that you have tagged your unsubscribed contacts, you can head back to the main contact search. From the main navigation, select ‘Contacts‘ Then from the list of contacts click ‘Start Over‘.

IS Unsub Search (3)

You’ll get a pop up list of options, and under tag IDs we want to set two sets of criteria. In the top box choose the option ‘with ANY of these tags’ and select the tag that you have used to identify your contacts that have entered the prize draw. In the second ‘Tags 2‘ box select the option ‘doesn’t have ANY of these tags‘ and select the tag you have just created which identifies those people who have opted out.

IS Unsub Search (4)

Click OK

You’ll then be left with a lift of all those people in your draw, excluding those who have asked you not to contact them anymore. You can then export this list or run any other actions that you would like.

IS Unsub Search (2)

Note: If you intend to run this report often, you might like to think about creating an automated action that applies your tag whenever a contact changes their email status – more about that in our next article!