Getting an event off the ground for your own Virtual Assistant business, or for your clients’ business, is no easy feat. It can be highly stressful, require a huge amount of organisational skills, and of course is extremely time restricted.

However there are a growing number of online tools to help streamline this process – making the management more efficient and therefore less of a hardship for you.

Here are some online solutions I couldn’t live without when organising client events:

1. EventBrite.

Eventbrite is the leading ticket selling platform that is extremely simple to use and means you don’t have to worry about managing sales on your own website, or that of your clients’. There are a wide range of features to customise it to your needs, its mobile device friendly, your attendees can choose their payment method easily, you can send personalised invitations to a database of contacts, broadcast it on social media at the click of a button, and track attendance effortlessly.

2. Google Analytics.

I find Google Analytics particularly handy with event management because once you’ve set up a bespoke event page on your website (or that of your client’s) you can easily monitor your website traffic, track where your marketing efforts are working most effectively, and see conversion rates. This is vitally important throughout each stage of managing your event to give you insights that will allow you to tweak any marketing activity in the run-up to your event, to help ensure you sell enough tickets.

3. Hootsuite.

I love Hootsuite for its simplicity to manage more than one social media channel helping minimise the time it takes for social media marketing. Of course there are alternatives such as Tweetdeck so use whichever you prefer, but essentially this allows you to regularly market your event to the masses. Set up automated weekly messages and work on a countdown basis to ramp up your efforts closer to the event date. Hootsuite also allows you to monitor activity (similar to Google Analytics) so you can measure likes, fans etc and see the demographic and location of the interaction.

4. Evernote.

This is a brilliant tool in the initial stages of event management. It allows you to share ideas with your client literally from anywhere – office, home, or on-the-go. By using a tool like Evernote you and your client can make sure everything has been covered in advance that when it comes to promotion, you are both on the same page. Of course you can do this by email or phone, but if like me you think over client projects whilst commuting or sitting at the doctor’s surgery and then forget that brilliant thought you had, with Evernote that never has to happen again! Simply jot down the idea immediately and share it with your client.

Combining these tools will help you market your event successfully by reaching and promoting it to your target audience. Leave your comments if there are other online tools you can’t live without when it comes to event management.