When was the last time you looked at your own website? I mean really looked at it. Properly.

If you haven’t done so within the last few months it’s probably a good time to give it a bit of a refresh. Why?

  • To help attract new clients
  • Create a stronger online presence
  • Increase organic traffic through SEO

Below are five tips to make sure your VA website is working hard for you:

 1. Clean website design

Your business website is pretty much your main marketing tool. If you’ve already got a website, is it clean, clear and easy to navigate? If not, it’s definitely time to focus on creating a new look & feel. WordPress hosted on 123 Reg is a great combination but if you’re not a designer or WordPress expert I would probably suggest getting someone qualified to do the initial set up, adding all the necessary functionality and features to make sure it’s the perfect advertisement for you and your business.

2. Stand out of key information

When you look at the homepage of your website how easy is it for potential clients to find the key information? Just because a visitor arrives on your website it doesn’t mean they’re prepared to hang around for ages looking for the information they want. Time is short – if they are serious about needing a VA they’ll be serious about getting all the details immediately. If they can’t find them, they’ll go elsewhere.

3. Quality & up-to-date content

This is the most important aspect of any VA website. If your website is a few years old, make sure you refreshed the content to reflect your current skill set and experience. Take some time to read the content properly. You may have written it a while ago and realise now that it doesn’t sell your services as well as it could. Ensure you’ve included the keywords and phrases you’re targeting to enhance your SEO. Add recent client testimonials as potential new clients will look to these for an unbiased opinion of your service. Are your rates up-to-date? All contact details are clearly shown? And finally, don’t forget to check all internal and external links are working.

4.Your blog

This is a great way to drive traffic, but if you’ve got a blog make sure you’re posting articles regularly – a dated blog is worse than no blog at all. If you can’t commit to at least one article per week, bin it.

5. Be social

If you’re active on social media channels, make sure you include these on your website. Provide links to start connecting with more and more people which will help to build relationships and trust and potentially open the door to future work opportunities.

Remember your website is the face of your business, don’t neglect it. By reviewing and updating its content on a regular basis you will create a stronger online presence and present a more professional appearance to perspective clients.