The built in settings for formatting documents are more than adequate and give you lots of variety, but every now and again, there’s a need to create something truly bespoke.

For example, a client has asked you to format a a proposal which needs to follow their company branding. Whilst the usual plain bullet point icons do the job quite well, it would be a lovely touch to use an image that matches the company branding and colour scheme to tie the whole document together, so how is this achieved?

Defining bullet points

The easiest way to do it is to type out your document and apply standard bullet points to begin with.

  • Next highlight your bulleted list and choose Home tab > Paragraph group > unordered (bulleted) list iconFormat Bullets 2 (5)
  • Choose the drop down arrow next to the icon and select Define new bulletFormat Bullets 2 (1)
  • This will open a new window with options for formatting your bullet points. You can choose to change it to a symbol, a picture or modify the font styleFormat Bullets 2 (2)

To use a different symbol

  • To insert a symbol as your bullet point click the Symbol button
  • In the resulting dialog box, choose the symbol character that you would like to use
  • Click OK and OK againFormat bullets

To use a picture

Using a picture for your bullet points can be a fun way to brighten up your document or a creative way to give it an edge.

  • To use a picture, click the Picture button.
  • This will open up the clip art gallery where you can choose from a variety of pictures as in the example below.
  • Alternatively, you can import your own picture, by clicking ‘import‘ and browsing to the location of your picture. You could for example use a company logo
  • Choose your image then click OK and OK againFormat Bullets 2 (4)

Do bear in mind that because the picture will only be the size of a bullet point, it will not always scale well and may not look right so be prepared to experiment a little!

Format Bullets