Saved searches in Infusionsoft are a handy shortcut for pulling out lists of records that you regularly need to access from within your database. I find them really useful for adding statistics to my Infusionsoft dashboard so I can see important information about my database as soon as log in, and can monitor campaign activity. Saved searches are dynamic lists of data based upon predefined search criteria, and can be created from any of the search functions within Infusionsoft. Whilst contact searches are probably the most popular, you can also search based upon companies, orders, email records and more. In this example, we’re going to create a saved contact search.

Create a search

To begin with, the process is the same as carrying out a normal contact search. Sign into your Infusionsoft app, and from the main navigation select CRM > Contacts

This will open up the contacts search option and show you the most recent search carried out. Click Start Over to clear the settings and begin a new search.


This will open up a search window where you can set your search criteria. Here we are going to look for a certain group of customers.


When you have selected  your desired options, scroll down and click  Search. The results of your search will display on the page. At this point, you can edit you search criteria further or adjust the way it is displayed by clicking Edit Criteria/Columns 


Now that you have created your search, you are ready to save it.

Saving your search criteria

The next step is to save your search criteria for future use. Do remember that this is a dynamic search, so people may appear and disappear from your search list to match your search criteria and your search will update automatically every time that you run it.

To save the current search criteria select Save  and a new window will pop up.


  • Enter a name for your search (the description will show in the list of saved searches in the top right hand corner of your screen)
  • Select which users you would like to share this search with. The search will only display for the users you select
  • If you would like this list to appear on the dashboard, check the box that says ‘add to user home’
  • Click Save


You’ll then see your search available from the saved search drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your screen. To access your search in future, simply select it from this list.

You can also access more options by clicking Options. From this menu you can rename your search, delete your search, set up a regular emailed copy or adjust the sharing settings.




Editing a saved search

If you ever want to edit your search criteria, it’s very simple to do…

  • Open your saved search from the drop down menu, then edit the criteria by clicking edit columns/criteria
  • Amend your criteria accordingly and click Search
  • From the top menu select Save. 

Note: This will overwrite the existing search criteria. If you want to save your amended search as new search, simply choose Options > Save As and give your list a new name. You’ll then see it appear as a new search in your saved search list