Mailchimp logoMailchimp is a useful piece of software used by many businesses to manage email marketing campaigns. Managing Mailchimp (or similar) accounts is quite a common role for a virtual assistant but if you don’t use it yourself, it can sometimes be a bit of a steep learning curve.

I find that Mailchimp is quite user friendly, and it’s easy to customise your signup forms and associated emails by simply clicking into the list that you want to design the forms for, and selecting ‘signup form’ from the menu

On the next screen select the option for ‘general form’ and follow the design wizard to build and design your forms and subscribe/unsubscribe emails.

Once the form and subscribe process has been setup in the’general forms’ section, you are ready to generate the code for your website signup form.

Generating the code for a signup form

From with your list page select ‘signup forms’ from the menu

On the next page, choose ‘embedded forms



You’ll then see a forms wizard which talks you through the options. To begin with, you have three options: Classic Form, Super Slim Form, or Naked Form – select ONE


Select your options, such as whether you want the form to have a custom title or to give the subscriber an option to choose plain text or HTML emails. You can also set the exact width that you want the form to be, and choose which fields to show on the form.

The options that you have depend upon which type of form that you choose – the best way to find out which form suits you best is to look at all three options. You can click through them with the tabs on the page, and you will see a preview on the right hand side of what your form will look like.

Once you are happy, scroll down the page and from the box named ‘Copy/paste onto your site’ highlight all text and copy it to the clipboard (right click > copy OR CTRL+C)

This code is then ready to be pasted into your website.