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Chantelle is a Copywriter, Copywriting Coach and founder of VA Copy College. Before starting her business four years ago, Chantelle worked in corporate sales for seven years, and when she combined that experience with her flair for writing, copywriting was a natural fit. Chantelle’s always loved telling stories, and now she gets to do it for a living, helping business owners articulate their mission and what sets them apart, so they can sell their services with confidence and personality. 

Chantelle started VA Copy College because she identified that Virtual Assistants, despite knowing their clients best, were often frustrated to see higher paid work – like copywriting – outsourced to experts. Through her 10-week signature course, VA Copy College (and copywriting membership, VA Copy Club) Chantelle shows VAs how to develop copywriting skills that not only help them sell their own services, but make them more valuable to their clients too! 

What is Copywriting Anyway?

Fundamentally, copy is any of the words you use in your business to sell your services. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, without sales, you haven’t got much of a business!

Copywriting is the skill that helps you connect to your audience and inspire people to take an action, whether that’s making a purchase, downloading your free resource, or booking a call with you. It’s about being persuasive, clear, and direct.

Therefore, a Copywriter (hello!) is someone who writes those words on behalf of other businesses. My job is to help businesses sell their services, especially online.

Covid-19 – A Huge Spike In Demand!

Since my profession is copywriting, you might be forgiven for wondering why the heck I’m trying to persuade virtual assistants like you to niche down into this area! The truth is, there’s more than enough business to go around, especially in the post-pandemic world.

Back in 2020, when Covid hit, every business suddenly had to pivot and pay much more attention to building their online presence. Cue an unprecedented demand for skilled copywriters. Within a month, I was completely at capacity, and struggling to find other copywriters to refer clients to. That’s when an idea came to me: I could train other service providers to do what I do! But who?

Giving VAs a Piece of The Pie…

The answer became clear: Virtual Assistants. A rapidly swelling industry full of organised people, working remotely, who were already on the inside of, and extremely knowledgeable about, the businesses of the client’s they worked for. 

What’s more, many of the VAs I spoke to expressed frustration that they regularly saw the ‘high value’ tasks such as copywriting being farmed out, whilst they were still clocking in and out on a lower hourly pay, despite knowing their clients better than any outside expert!

So, my copywriting course, VA Copy College was born. 

You see, when you develop copywriting skills as a VA, not only are you able to sell your own services more effectively, attracting a better calibre of clients, you’re also able to introduce copywriting services into your offer, with a higher perceived value – and price tag! Let me explain…

Stop Trading Time For Money

When it comes to copywriting, clients care about the result, not the process, and the tasks you’ll be taking on have a higher perceived value too, meaning:

  • You can charge more: Business owners understand the value of great copy because it has a much more direct impact on their sales and turnover than other tasks.
  • You can stop charging hourly: When it comes to copywriting, all that matters is the result, so you can begin to create valuable packages based on deliverables, not your time!
  • You can take back control of your schedule: Copywriting projects tend to be deadline based, so there’s no need to clock in or out. You can work flexibly around your family, interests, and lifestyle, giving you more freedom to run your business the way you choose. Ready to live that digital nomad life? You got it!

Yes – Copywriting is one of the most lucrative niches available to virtual assistants, but as you can see, the rewards are far more than just financial. If you’re looking to niche down in an area that gives you more freedom and flexibility, whether that’s to travel the world, spend more time with the kids, or work around other commitments, Copywriting might well be the path to explore! 

How to Get Started

If right now you’re feeling excited about exploring Copywriting as a niche, but totally unsure where to begin, here are a few suggestions for getting the ball rolling:

  • Writers READ: Start doing your research and pick up a few starter books on copywriting. I highly recommend:
    • Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
    • Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller
    • Wired for Story by Lisa Cron
    • Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • Get a Bit Stalky: Find a few copywriters you like the style of and follow them on social media. Many (myself included) will share valuable tips with their audience or run workshops or challenges where you can improve your skills. 
  • Invest in Training: If you’re ready to get really serious about strengthening your copywriting skills, you might choose to fast track your progress by investing in an online course or 1:1 coaching with an expert who can provide guidance, templates and valuable feedback as you learn.
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Chantelle Davison

Chantelle Davison is a Copywriter, Copy Coach, and founder of VA Copy College. Inside VA Copy College, Chantelle takes virtual assistants and aspiring copywriters through a 10-week intensive training course, with templates, support, and weekly Q&As. VA Copy College graduates know how to write compelling copy to attract and convert dreamy clients of their own, whilst also offering highly valuable copywriting services for those they work with, making more money and finding more freedom too.

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