Sometimes when transcribing audio files, it’s necessary to insert time codes into the transcript. A common example would be where there is a point in the dictation that is inaudible and you want to flag it up for the client to check. In cases such as media transcripts where the document will be used for editing by a production team they will often request timecodes also.

Having to manually check time codes and enter them into your document is 1) time consuming and 2) reduces accuracy – did you know there’s an easy way to insert your timecodes into the word document as you’re typing?

This means that you don’t have to break the flow of your typing to enter the codes and that you also know that it will be more accurate as you can enter the code with one keystroke at the exact point in the audio file that is needed.

So to do this, we will basically be assigning a shortcut key to the action of copying the time code. To enter the code into your document it is then a simple job of copy and pasting into your document.

Step 1:  set up the shortcut in Express Scribe

Open Express Scribe

Select ‘Options’ > ‘System wide hot-keys’ 

This will open a dialogue box showing you all the currently assigned hot keys

Click ‘Add’

From the drop down box named ‘Command’ select ‘Copy Time

Click ‘Change’  – (Note: if a shortcut key is already assigned to this command it will be displayed here)

You will see a small dialogue box prompting you to press a key or compbination. This is the key or combination of keys that you want to assign as your timecode shortcut. It needs to be something that isn’t currently assigned to any other actions, and it would be sensible to assign it to something that is practical for when you are typing, perhaps something that doesn’t require you to move your fingers too far away from the home keys?

In this case, you can see I have assigned this action to SHIFT and then / – displayed as SHIFT+/

Click ‘Ok’ and you’re done!

Step 2 – Copy timecodes to your document

Now that your hotkey is set up, all you need to do is open your document and begin transcribing. When you get to a point in the audio file that you want to enter a timecode, press your shortcut key – this will copy the time to the clipboard.

Next Press CTRL+V to paste the code into your document. And that’s all there is to it!