Changing text case in Microsoft ExcelRecently, I had some databases sent in from a client that needed uploading to their CRM system. The problem is that that data wasn’t very tidy, and it needed some formatting before I could upload it. One of the issues was that some of the data was in upper case, others in lower case and some in sentence case! This is not really very useful!

In Microsoft Word you have a formatting option to convert text case, but this option is not available in Excel. Did you know there is an easy way to use a formula to convert text from upper to lower case? It uses the formulas UPPER, LOWER and PROPER

Here’s how to do it…

First you will need to add in an extra column to house the newly formatted data and the data should be in a text format.

We then use the following formulas in each cell that we want to change the case of the text. If you have a whole list of data to change, you can enter your formula in the first cell, and then copy it down to the subsequent cells using the fill handle.

In the example below, the original data is in column A, and our new data is in column B

Changing text to upper case

Assuming our data is in cell A2, to change it to upper case, in cell B2 we enter:


Excel Change Text Case 1

Changing text to lower case

Assuming our data is in cell A3, to change the data to lower case, use the formula


Excel Change Text Case 3


Changing text to sentence case

And finally, assuming our data is in cell A4, to change the data to sentence case (i.e. capitalise the first letter and the rest lower case) use the formula:


Excel Change Text Case 4

You will then see the newly formatted data in column B. To copy the formulas to adjacent cells, simply click the cell the that contains your formula and hover over the bottom right hand corner. You will see a small black cross hair. Left click and drag down to fill the subsequent cells. E voila!

Excel Change Text Case 5


Note: If you are then uploading your database to somewhere else, or wish to delete the original column of data, you will need to change your new formatted text to values only, rather than formulas. There are a few ways of doing this, but I find the simplest way of doing it is to copy the cells or cells and then paste them into the same location as values only.

To do this highlight your cells, right click and select copy.

Next, select the destination cell you wish to paste into then right click and select paste special > paste values

Your data is then ready to go!Excel Change Text Case 6