Nigel Botterill, from Leeds, had an 18 year career building call centres for the financial services industry, internet banking services and credit card insurance, but in 2002 he stepped off the corporate ladder after a meeting didn’t quite go to plan. As he was on the way home to tell his wife, and despite his large family and mortgage, he decided that he was never going to be employed again and would do his own thing.

After several starts, and with the help of his wife Sue’s first business idea – a local community magazine, Nigel has since built up 5 separate million pound businesses from scratch, including the brands My Mag, thebestof, Raring2go, My Little Wrapper, and Explosive Marketing. He was a millionaire after just four years.

The Botty rules is both a great story and also a practical reference tool for anyone running their own business in the UK. He tells the story of how he did it, of what went well and what went wrong. Woven throughout the story are the botty rules, the key critical lessons he learned on his journey, forming a complete blueprint for anyone aspiring to super success in business in the uk

So if your business isn’t yet where you want it to be and you want some inspiration,  a check-list of rules and a good story too, you should put this on your reading list. I particularly like rule no. 16: “S**t happens – and it always will. How you cope with setbacks will be the making of you.”

Nigel has actually tweeted the entire contents of his book and all the Botty Rules and so if you haven’t read about them yet and you are patient at going back in time through tweets, then you can see more by going to the @BottyRules Twitter profile, or you could just buy the book… It will help you focus on the right things and you will learn a lot.

Explained well and packed with practical tips and help for any business owner The Botty Rules is probably the most useful and entertaining business book you can read right now! It’s real, practical business advice with simple ideas that you can put into action, written by someone who’s been there and done it, who’s also had sleepless nights working about cashflow and bills alongside experiencing the excitement and highs of owning their own business.